Hormones – love them or loathe them, without them, existence is pretty sad and predictable.

Right now my hormones seem to have massive restructuring going on. At one moment, I’m lost in totally romantic thoughts (and anybody, who knows me and my usually snickering compassion for people who think that it’s actually nice to have a talk about how love is like a bird, is aware of the weird twist here), the next I’m crying because there was a picture of a bird in oil slick in the news paper.

And no, it has nothing to do with my period.

I haven’t felt this unstable and shaken since I had a fall-out with my then best friend in 2nd grade.

The weirdest thing yet, however, was while I was reading. I’m currently reading T.C. Boyle’s “Budding Prospects” which in itself is not strange. It’s about this group of guys (Felix, Gesh and Phil) who decide it would be great to spend a summer (and some spring and some fall) in the mountains to grow marihuana. They move into a really shabby hut and the next day, their neighbor comes to visit and introduce himself. He’s the typical red-neck, a rather disgusting type of guy. Felix, the main character, isn’t sure on how to treat him, as he doesn’t want him to come over all the time and discover what they’re doing up there but he doesn’t want to be unfriendly, either.
Anyway, their story is that they are aspiring writers who have alcohol problems and therefore, they sought the calm and reclusiveness on the mountains. Their neighbor already knows the story and mentions it (in a friendly, not at all judgemental way – no sarcasm here). Gesh, not as reluctant as Felix, jumps right on it and attacks the neighbor for being a piece of shit and how he looks down on them for drinking and chases him right out.
And guess what – while reading this scene, I actually started crying because I felt so sorry for the neighbor. And I don’t even like him.

Reminds me of the time when I was a kid, watching the Batman movies. I always felt so bad for the villains, especially The Penguin and Mr. Freeze and The Riddler and Two-Face and basically everybody. I never got satisfaction from them being punished in the end because I pitied them so much…

Well, I’m afraid I don’t really have a conclusion to reach with this, I just wanted to complain a little bit (another nice side-effect, thank you, hormones).

You’ll get a honor badge for reading this :).


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