One Post Blogs

Sometimes, you just need to have a good idea. Like this gal, who collects One Post Wonder blogs. Beautiful. You have everything there, from people who can write and spell and form coherent thoughts to people who can’t, from depressed teens to depressed adults.

Paints a picture of the world I’m not sure I wanted to see but now that I’m staring at it, I can’t stop myself.

Like here:

Monday, February 16, 2004
I will kill you. ¶ 11:03 AM

Or here:

Sunday, January 27, 2002
It hit me today like an alien anal probe – Every woman of any signficance in my life has let me down.
10:36 PM

Or here:

Sunday, January 19, 2003
am bored. god damnit. still have homework to do. dont feel like doing it. religion teacher, who is also aunt, keeps bugging me about incomplete homework. she thinks i give a damn. uhh.. anyway.
am in love with hugo weaving. can not believe how incredible he is. want him.
perhaps a little too lonely. heh heh. just a little.
anyway. i feel really shirty today. was in a pissy mood all day. had to go to rifle team practise today, find 45-year-old coach disturbingly hot. and he isnt a buff, super guy that most girls my age would find attractive. oh no. he’s a fucking bear. but he has no facial hair. he looks like hugo weaving + 15lbs. god. am obsessed with hugo weaving. created fansite for him today. not published, but getting close. people getting annoyed at me talking about him so much. tagline: “hugo weaving is hotter.”
methinks i’m crazy.
tired. but dont want to sleep. want sex with marc. and hugo.
marc continues to lead me on. thursday, he asked when birthday was. told him. then he said he’d either buy me a “toy”, or do me.


fucking chair. it’s s’posed to be comfortable, but it’s too low for the desk, therefore my back is strained. my elbows hurt from mats too. mats we had to shoot on.
stupid rifles
stupid mats
stupid elbows

god. tired.
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Answering Questions Asked Through Google II

Today’s question is:

“who thinks jaime campbell bower sings go[od]?”

Of course, I cannot answer this question for the entirety of the people, who have heard him sing. Probably the best person to ask would be his singing coach. That’s not me.

When I google it myself, most people seem to think he does sing well. Most notably, the Observer. But then again, the Observer also thinks that he’s beautiful, so I don’t know if you can trust their judgement.

I can definitely say that he did sing well in Sweeney Todd. Even if not that well to permanently stick in my head.

Btw, you’d probably get better results if you spelled his name correctly: Jamie Campbell Bower.

Modern Graffiti – Unusual Wikipedia Monday

We all know graffiti. I guess most of us have seen it, maybe even given thought to it. Is it art? Do I like it? Would I be angry if someone sprayed my house? Will I ever get a house someone could spray?

Unfortunately, it’s mostly drunk teenagers who feel the need to write their name on something. But they can’t use their real names (what if their parents found out?), so they use an alias instead, which is – more often than not – so incredibly stupid that it makes me want to smack my head against the concrete wall it’s sprayed on.

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Vampire TV

I finished watching the first Season of Moonlight.

Ever since Buffy‘s gone, I’ve been waiting for a vampire/horror/mystery/fantasy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it show to grip me like it (even Angel wasn’t that good. At least after the first season). Now, I’m not saying that Moonlight is as good as Buffy, but it has potential. And I think it could get there (if it will at all. Apparently, they are not planning on making a second season. Unfortunately. But that’s just my luck, I guess), provided that there’s a bit more time for them to develop.

The basic story outline is not very original, PI, with the help of an reporter, solving crimes. It’s also not the most original thing that the PI is a vampire, that the vampire doesn’t like being one and that he refuses to feed on humans. We have all seen that before. BUT, and that’s a huge BUT, the characters are really good, their relationships are so real, for lack of a better word, and they really have a good chemistry going on.

I mean, the relationship between Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth (Sophia Myles) could have easily been made overly dramatic, a constant on-off thing. And although there is some on-off-ness, it never gets too much, it never gets unbelievable.
Also, Mick, in all his “fate has dealt me the wrong cards, I hate being a vampire, I hope there is a cure” being, never gets on my nerves (Run and hide, Louis!) and he never gets too broody (yeah, that was directed at you, Angel). Plus, Alex O’Loughlin – one hot bitch.

And I really, really love Josef (Jason Dohring is the perfect cast. With his babyface, his looks perfectly counterbalance his no-nonsense business style).

Especially the last 4 episodes were really good, because they started to make fun, of themselves, of the world around them and of our world. Who doesn’t want to see a vampire-nerd charging himself at a running car, crying LEEEEROOOOOOOOY JENKINS?

Or see the two main characters talking about a murder investigation, which suddenly turns into a discussion about emo music and why it’s good or not so good?

And then, of course, there’s Josef, the Chandler Bing of vampires, with his dry, sometimes snide but always really funny remarks.

Simone: We should leave.
Josef: But this is so awkward. I love awkward.

I really hope, they find someone to finance a second season. It would be too bad to see it die now…

Miscellaneous Things

I have a new, favourite word and it’s asspanda. I’ve got to try to use it sometime in a conversation. Maybe with my brother?


From here.

I’ve got to prepare myself for rearranging my bookshelf.


Taken from here.

My money definitely would have been on Matthew McConnaughey.

Useful Hint for a Future Lover

Dear X,

you know, I’m not a very romantic girl. Or better, my idea of “romantic” doesn’t include red roses and long talks about how much we love each other, but it’s about trust, and respect, and responsibility for each other. It’s not about candle light dinners and hopeless chases to the airport, as so many movies want to make us believe it should be. It’s about the mere thought of you making me smile and me wanting to share news with you first. It’s about you being the person I want to come home to.

My idea might not be so much about passion [passion is for the bedroom. Or somewhere else, indulging in hot, dirty sex], but more about stability. It probably is an old person’s idea of romantic, it certainly is a pragmatic one. It doesn’t matter. It’s my idea.

This also includes that I couldn’t care less about getting married. You want a huge wedding and all the glamour? Fine by me. I’ll most certainly show up.
But know this, I will never propose to you. Don’t wait for it.

If you want to propose to me, don’t bother getting a fancy ring, dropping to your knees and giving me a speech. Instead, do something like this.

I’ll love you for it.



At Neil Gaiman’s, there’s an oracle up that I frequent from time to time. Today, I felt a bit uninspired and first I only asked it: “Will I have a nice weekend?” [To which the answer was, quite simply: Yes.]
But then I thought that that’s just not good enough of a question to ask an oracle, so I asked it, “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?”

Here’s the answer:

As I said in my speech, when you’re up against Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King and Peter Straub, and Jack Ketchum, then it really is an honour to be in that company.

I guess that means that Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Peter Straub and Jack Ketchum are drunken sailors and that I should just get a whiskey bottle and get on with it.

Service… ?

Did I already mention that I hate Service Guys? If not, here I go: I hate Service Guys. They always treat me like I know shit about the stuff I’m working with and about the world in general.

Here’s to all of you Service Guys out there: Just because I don’t know how to repair my HDD doesn’t mean that I don’t know that something is wrong with it. Just because I want my data back, doesn’t mean that I don’t know that it probably isn’t possible. Just because I don’t get morally outraged, when you tell me that even if they’re not able to get it back, I will have to pay, doesn’t mean that I didn’t understand you.

I don’t know if the guy was just following a protocol. Could be. But then whoever wrote the protocol should be strangled and quartered.

Anyway, just so you know why I’m so angrily amused, here’s how it went:

[WARNING: If you don’t like Franz Kafka or Max Goldt, don’t read it.] 

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Movie Physics

No, don’t run because I mentioned physics! It’s okay!

There’s this really funny website, by a guy who obviously knows what he’s talking about and he takes apart the scientific claims of movies.

Here’s an example from The Hulk (2003):

[About the giant dogs, one of which is a pit bull.]

According to pit bull lore, they have been matched against virtually every other dog breed not to mention lions, tigers, and bears. More often than not the pit bull wins. Yes, this has a lot to do with the breed’s strength and stamina but it’s also because, at around 60 pounds, pit bulls are exactly the right size.

Dog breeders have produced huge fighting dogs such as the Japanese Tosa Inu which can reach 200 lbs but it typically doesn’t make them better fighters than the pit bull. If a dog is scaled up, its strength will increase with the square of the scale up factor while its mass will increase with the cube of the scale up factor. For example double the size of the dog and its strength will increase by a factor of 4 but its weight will increase by a factor of 8. At some point the sheer mass of the dog will begin to limit its stamina as well as its ability to move quickly.

The best way to convert a pit bull into an assassin’s tool would be to make it super smart rather than super large. A truly intelligent dog would not have to rely on the vagaries of following a scent. It could read maps, plan its attack for the best possible situation, sneak up, and quietly dispatch its victim with a quick bite to the throat. The dog already has all the jaw strength, agility, and jumping ability required to do so.

Or from The Core (The Worst Science Movie Ever, according to him):

Without examining anything, Keyes takes about five seconds to surmise that the victims all died from malfunctioning pacemakers and the malfunction was definitely not due to a secret weapon. We’re supposed to be impressed, but our experience with real scientists and engineers indicates that when they’re on-the-record, top-notch scientists and engineers won’t even speculate about the color of their socks without looking at their ankles. They have top-notch reputations because they’re almost always right. They’re almost always right because they keep their mouths shut until they’ve fully analyzed the data.

Naturally, General Purcell is totally satisfied with Keyes speculation and immediately dismisses him. Amazed at General Purcell’s lack of curiosity, Keyes sets out to find answers. After a detailed analysis he concludes that the Earth’s core has stopped spinning and is causing the Earth’s magnetic field to collapse.

Keyes is apparently the only one in the world to discover this fact. (Where are all the compasses? Are there no Boy Scouts?)

Don’t Die, Please!

My external hard drive died on me yesterday. Or at least, it’s fatally wounded…

I’m devastated. I have everything on there. I need that thing. I can’t live without it.

I hope the guarantee’s still on. I bought it about a year ago. Should work. If not, I will have to pay vast amounts of money. [Went to a place today to ask how much it would cost to repair it and they told me: “72 Euros for the cost estimate. Then we’ll see.” 72 Euros only for telling me how much it would be??? Are they crazy?]

But what I really, really, really hope is that my data isn’t lost.  

Any tipps? My computer recognises it, so the connection’s still there. But I can’t access it (It tells me that a storage site or something can’t be found).