Frost/Nixon (2008)

Frost/Nixon is Ron Howard‘s new movie, written by Peter Morgan (based on his play) and starring Michael Sheen, Frank Langella, Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell, Oliver Platt, Matthew Macfadyen and Rebecca Hall.

Richard Nixon [Frank Langella] is the first president to resign after the Watergate scandal and shortly after, there’s a general pardon for him. David Frost [Michael Sheen], a talk show host, decides to interview him to get to the truth. What follows is a David vs Goliath style battle between two people who don’t know what to expect from the other.

The casting and playing, the directing, the screenplay are all formidable. It has a few lengths, though, and wouldn’t have suffered from a few cuts.

[I keep saying that about movies. I’m worried about my attention span. Seriously am.]


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Top 10: TV Couples

[Got the idea from here.]

In tune with last week’s TV Themes, let’s stay with the glory that is TV Shows and have a look at who the couples are that make me root for them. Excessively.

What makes the whole thing difficult, though, is that I don’t watch a whole lot of TV shows were there’s much romance and when I do, I usually want all the couples to be happy. But I tried to make the list as little repetitive as possible.

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Doubt (2008)

Doubt is the adaptation of the Pulitzer Price winning play by John Patrick Shanley, who wrote the screenplay and directed the movie as well. It stars Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis.

St. Nicholas is a catholic church and school. They have the first black student in 1964, who gets singled out by the priest, Father Brendan [Philip Seymour Hoffman], for special attention. After some incidents, a young nun, Sister James [Amy Adams], raises the suspicion that Father Brendan might be abusing the boy. Her superior, Sister Aloysius [Meryl Streep], starts a private war against the priest, trying to prove that he’s guilty.

Doubt has an exceptional screenplay with brilliant casting, showing a battle of wits between Father Brendan and Sister Aloysius that is a feast to watch. Unfortunately, the directing can’t keep up with the standards the writing and acting sets.


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He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

He’s Just Not That Into You is crap that disguises itself as a Romantic Comedy. It’s directed by Ken Kwapis and has a rather long cast list.

Based on a self-helf book, it wants to give advice by showing the relationships of different couples, whose lives are intertwined.
Gigi [Ginnifer Goodwin] is constantly dating guys in the search of Mister Right. [Apparently she’s what we’re supposed to believe is the archetype of a woman looking for a man.] After a mediocre date with Conor [Kevin Connoly], she meets his best friend Alex [Justin Long] who tells her about the dating behaviour of the people and how she can tell whether a guy’s interested or not. [As a barkeeper, he knows these things.] Conor, on the other hand, is actually in love with Anna [Scarlett Johansson], who thinks that they’re best friends but doesn’t want more of the relationship, while Anna’s friend Mary [Drew Barrymore] is prowling the internets for a man. Anna coincidentally meets Ben [Bradley Cooper] and falls in love with him. But Ben is married to Janine [Jennifer Connelly], and even if their relationship is not the best, he doesn’t want to have an affair, although he’s immensly attracted to Anna. Ben’s best friend Neil [Ben Affleck] is in a long-term relationship with Beth [Jennifer Aniston], who wants to get married. But Neil doesn’t believe in marriage. Beth, Janine and Gigi all work together and share their men troubles.

To be honest, I have difficulties commenting on this movie as a movie, because I spend most of the time being outraged about the message it was sending. This made it quite impossible to concentrate on performances or directing.


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Excerpts from the romantic novels of the year.

First hand accounts of mental illnesses.

British author banned from Dubai book festival because of gay character.

Book View Cafe – free reading.


Gender and sexuality in Manga.

Lesbian Batwoman to come back to the comics, with the right attitude:

“Yes, she’s a lesbian. She’s also a redhead. It is an element of her character. It is not her character. If people are going to have problems with it, that’s their issue,” [writer Greg Rucka] told Comic Book Resources. “Frankly, she should be judged on her merits.”

Sandman and the 90s.


On Ridley Scott’s Monopoly [it’s weird even typing that]:

Scott has not tackled science fiction or fantasy since 1985’s Legend (unless you count the fantasy that Orlando Bloom can carry a historical epic). Couldn’t he have at least gone for the imperialist undertones of Parcheesi? Maybe he’s just powered by the need for the Scottie Dog and the Top Hat to finally consummate the star-crossed love that has enthralled players of this character-study pastime for generations.

Mary, Mother of Christ has a very interesting cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers as both Gabriel and Lucifer? Gimme, gimme! Oh yeah, and Peter O’Toole, Jessica Lange and probably Al Pacino. ;)

You don’t say:

Hollywood heroines are being increasingly portrayed as neurotic, idiotic and obsessed by men, weight and weddings, a professor at Oxford University has claimed.

After Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, now Pride and Predator.

Completely Different Things

If I was in Maine, I’d definitely get one.

Drinking Games Wikipedia. Yay!

To save actual paper, use Instapaper! [If  you want to use this slogan, please contact me for the rights. ;)]

Happy Valentine’s Day. [Better late than never, right?!]


More  cursing Christian Bale (though nothing beats the club version):

Shakespeare answers the 25 things meme.

Holy fucking shit.

Obama slash. You knew it was out there, didn’t you?

Airport got closed down because of a bike with a sticker on it, proclaiming: This bike is a pipe bomb, which is a band, btw. But how stupid does anybody have to be to plant a bomb somewhere and write on it that it was a bomb?

Bolt (2008)

Bolt is the newest Disney Animations movie with voices by John Travolta, Miley Cyrus and Malcolm McDowell.

Bolt is the star of his own SciFi TV show, where he has various super powers. Each week he has to save his human, Penny, from unspeakable dangers. Because the film team doesn’t want to compromise his acting ability, they make him think that the show is actually real.
After a particularly cliffhanger-y episode of the show, Bolt manages to escape and tries to save Penny, helped only by his prisoner, the cat Mittens, and his biggest fan, the crazy hamster Rhino.


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Answering Questions Asked Through Google XXIX

Let’s get the serious stuff out of the way first.

“what is the abortion device used in revo[lutionary road]”?

I’m not entirely sure if I have the right medical vocabulary. Anyway, in German we call it a “Absaugpumpe” [I think], which according to the dictionary means “suction pump”. But maybe someone with some knowledge of these things should answer this question.

Good, now that this question is kind of answered, let’s have a look at nicer (well, at least funnier) things.

“breaking dawn how das it end?”

This one has the double bonus of asking a duh question without any sense of grammar or spelling. Isn’t it wonderful?

Anyway, the answer is, of course, happily.

“what is my erdos-bacon number?”

Well, I don’t know. I’m not even sure about my own. But here’s instructions on how to calculate it.

And that’s it for this week. Tune back in next time, when we try again to make the internet a better place. Or at least a place where questions get some kind of answer.