Some Excuses

I had this plan for today. I’d get up early and then I’d write a couple of blog posts to preschedule over the next few days because I’m going to Hamburg over the weekend and I won’t have time to post and I didn’t wan’t to pause my blog right after really getting back to writing.

Well, I got up semi-early and then I got lost in my reader and then I started prescheduling memes and video vridays but not the reviews that have been waiting more or less patiently since June (and yes, I still mean to write them) and anyway, somehow time flew by and now it’s 5.30pm, I haven’t even showered or got dressed yet, all I’ve eaten today is some ice cream I still had in the freezer and a cup of instant soup, I haven’t packed yet (and I need to leave the house at 5am) and in a little more than two hours I’m meeting my sister to see Inglorious Basterds.

So, I quickly made a new plan. In the next two hours I would write a blog post to tell people that I would really start blogging again after my return (Monday, late at night), then I’d shower and get dressed and then I’d get out of the house, find something to eat (probably something Japanese) before I have to meet my sister. And after I come back from the movies, I’d immediately start packing. And then I could still decide whether sleeping would be an option in this night or if it would have to wait until I’m sitting in the airplane.

If I decide that sleeping is, in fact, unnecessary (and that’s a big if), I’ll may write another post. If not, there will be Video Vriday and Meme Monday and then there will be a real post. I promise.

4 thoughts on “Some Excuses

  1. hej lena, ich bitte dich, du hast doch nicht die pflicht zu bloggen. also echt. das war gestern auch nur scherzhaft gemeint, das “ich erwarte eine review von dir”, einfach nur, weil ich gerne deine meinung erfahre… aber mal pause machen ist doch keine sache.
    stress dich nicht, habs fein in hamburg und schreibe, wenn du wieder lust dazu hast.

    • Du, keine Sorge, ich lass mich zum Bloggen nicht zwingen, leider nicht mal von mir selbst… ;)

      Die Sach ist die: Ich würd gern, aber irgendwie komm ich nicht dazu… Aber wie du merkst, schreib ich eh nix.

  2. sowas Ähnliches wollte ich auch schon schreiben :)
    Kein Grund, sich vom Bloggen gestresst zu fühlen, du bist dir selbst verpflichtet, nicht dem bloglesenden Publikum.
    take care

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