In Lieu of a Top 10 List

I feel kind of uninspired today and I don’t know what I want to do a list about anyway (suggestions?), so you get a nice little story or two straight out of my life.

When I left the house this morning, I took my pack of cigarettes out of my bag to smoke one while walking to the bus. I searched everywhere for my lighter but I couldn’t find it (I hate it when that happens) so I figured that I must have left it in my flat. As I was late and I calculated that it would take less time to buy a lighter on the way than to head back into my flat and search for the lighter, I just let it be.

Anyways, I bought a lighter on the way, I smoked a cigarette, everything was fine.

Two hours later I wanted to take a break. I took out the pack of cigarettes, opened it – and lo, behold: My lighter was in the pack, where I usually put it. *headdesk*

I’m telling you this exciting story just to show you how much I suck before the first cup of coffee.

If you want to hear another exciting thing that happens in my life, I’ll happily oblige:

The day before yesterday I started cleaning up the various stacks of paper that had been sitting in my living room for ages. Yesterday evening, I finally finished. Most of it, I could throw away, some of it I finally put into the right binders and now I feel more accomplished than I had been feeling since about forever.

Another nice side effect of having it cleaned up (apart from the fact that I can now move through my living room without trying very hard to not topple said stacks of paper), is that I stumbled upon stuff I had entirely forgotten, like rough drafts of stories and notes and ideas for things I could write. Maybe I’ll get to writing them…

Plus I found my old school transcript.

And if my life wasn’t homely enough, these past weeks I’ve been kind of obsessed with knitting so that I now have three scarves (scarfs?) more than I used to and I’m currently working on a blanket. We’ll see what comes first: the blanket’s end or me running out of motivation.

So that’s the big news over here. What’s going on in your lives?

7 thoughts on “In Lieu of a Top 10 List

  1. Lists you could do:

    Fav. books for children around 10 years

    coolest things you’ve ever built/knitted/otherwise handycrafted with your own hands

    your favorite recipes for everyday food

    most awkward situations

  2. Oh god. I knit my first blanket (and first longish project in a while) in tiny bursts over the span of the year (bad idea to start with) and eventually, about 85% in, decided I didn’t fancy the pattern so much and ripped. it. out. All of it.

    Still hurts though. I’m going to attempt a baby quilt to make up for it. Will see if I ever get around to it.

    • Ouch… so much ouch… My blanket (which is supposed to be made up from 20 by 20cm squares but is mostly made up from 25 by 20 rectangles) is a rather wobbly affair and probably won’t prove to be the most beautiful blanket in the world but I’ve decided not to rip it out anyway. Ever.

      And I would love to make a quilt myself… but I’m afraid my sewing prowess won’t suffice for that.

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