Easy Virtue (2008)

Easy Virtue is the adaptation of Noël Coward‘s play by Stephan Elliott. It stars Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Barnes. [And for IT Crowd fans: Katherine Parkinson.]

It’s the 1920s. John (Ben Barnes) comes from an old British family, which is slowly crumbling apart. When he returns from his travels with his new wife Larita (Jessica Biel), an American race car driver, John’s mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) is shocked, though his father (Colin Firth) takes an instant liking to her. Larita tries her best to fit in with the family, but in the end a war breaks out between her and the mother.

I liked this film. The cast was good, they had some very, very nice jokes, a sweet soundtrack and it was generally entertaining.

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Mark Z. Danielewski’s new project.


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Nobody Likes M. Night Shyamalan.

Tim: A Tribute to Tim Burton.

Can you name the 26 movies in this clip?

Ian McKellen will be Gandalf again.

Chris Nolan is meeting with possible Superman directors.

Bill and Ted gets a sequel.

Edward Norton in Nolan’s Batman 3? Yes please!

Guillermo del Toro signs on with Dreamworks.

Alternate Opening for Iron Man 2.


Completely Different Things

Hated by the Daily Mail.

Geeky Tattoos. And a book of literary tattoos.

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Mort (Terry Pratchett)

Mort is the first book in the Death Series of Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett. [My reviews of the other Discworld novels here.]

Mort is a typical teenager, which means that he has more joints than he should, absolutely no idea about what he wants to do and he’s basically embarassed 24/7. Since nobody really knows what to do with him, Mort gladly accepts when Death offers him an apprenticeship. But when he falls in love with a princess destined to die and Death seems to tire of his job, things start to go awry.

The book is nice, but not much more. I liked Mort as a character and I just love Death, but it just seemed really obvious where the book was going and Pratchett’s writing wasn’t great, either.

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May I direct your eyes to the sidebar?


Where you can now find the wonderful page “Kalafudra Elsewhere” to get an overview over my guestblogging elsewhere (which, at least at the moment, is on German-speaking blogs only).

IT, Alcohol, Mucha, Alcohol, Kafka, Alcohol

A couple of weeks ago I went to Prague. [For a business trip. Yes, I’m still smug about that.] I was sent there for an IT training* and since the friend formerly known as abstrakt teashoe and B. wanted to see Prague as well and had actually decided to go on a trip there before they knew I was going there as well, I stayed an additional weekend there with the both of them to do some more sightseeing.** And drinking.***

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The City & the City (China Miéville)

The City & the City is the Hugo Award winning novel by China Miéville. [And he blogs!]

Inspector Tyador Borlú works for the police in Besźel. One day they discover the body of a young woman nobody recognises. Together with his colleague he goes about solving the murder and soon finds out that the woman wasn’t actually from Besźel but living in Ul Qoma. Ul Qoma and Besźel have a pretty strained relationship. To outside observers it would seem that they are one city. But inhabitants of Besźel unsee Ul Qoma and the other way round, only noticing their own city. They are in a fragile sort of balance, carefully monitored by a force called Breach.

The fantastic setting is basically just a bonus and not really the point of the story. The City & the City is a murder mystery, a very good murder mystery, but if murder mysteries aren’t your thing – and they aren’t for me – you might be a little underwhelmed.

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Vienna in Film – A Century of City Images

Vienna in Film [German] was an exhibition in the Wien Museum.

The exhibition centered on [SURPRISE] Vienna in Film, showing sequences of films that were shot in Vienna, sometimes depicting Vienna, sometimes supposed to be other cities entirely. [Most mind-boggingly was probably Firefox, where the Viennese subway posed as the Moscow subway. Which didn’t work at all. Though Tim Curry‘s Richelieu in Paris Vienna was pretty awesome as well.]

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[via liberrydwarf] The Best Fairytales and Retellings.

Clash of the Geeks.

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Completely Different Things

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