Le Surréalisme, c’est moi!

Le Surréalisme, c’est moi! Salvador Dalí & Louise Bourgeois, Glenn Brown, Markus Schinwald, Francesco Vezzoli” is an exhibition currently in the Kunsthalle Wien.

The exhibition shows Salvador Dalí in relation to other artists. In fact, there is mostly art from the other artists and very little from Dalí himself. Though the walls in the entrance area are covered with quotes by Dalí and since he’s got some great quotes, that’s pretty awesome. And there was the illustrations for the Maldoror Songs which were interesting, though definitely not my favorite Dalí drawings..

The artists shown are very different and I absolutely fell in love with Francesco Vezzoli‘s work and Glenn Brown‘s work, though Louise Bourgeois and Markus Schinwald were not so much my thing.

It’s a very short exhibition and if I hadn’t seen it in combination with the Space one, I probably would have been slightly disappointed and annoyed by that. As it was, it was a very good second course.

Also, coolest bit of trivia I learned: Dalí started signing empty sheets of paper and those still keep turning up as forgeries. (According to wikipedia, he was forced to do so. The exhibition didn’t mention that part.)

[Portrait by Philippe Halsman]

Glenn Brown is a hyperrealist. And I do like hyperrealism in general, but his pictures have a special twist: While the style is realist, the subjects aren’t. Here are some of my favorite pictures that were shown:

[Oscillate Wildly]

[Song to the Siren]

[Come All Ye Rolling Minstrels]

[Nigger of the World]

There were a few photos by Philippe Halsman – the one above and also Dalí Atomicus:

Apparently they threw the cats about 28 times until Halsman was satisfied with the image…

There was a part of Hitchcock‘s Spellbound showing – Dalí designed the dream sequence in the film which is notably Dalí. Very cool.

There was Francesco Vezzoli’s Greed which you can watch in its entirety:

[Yes, that’s Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams.]

There was also the Surrealiz series by Vezzoli, where he combined photos of Liz Taylor with photos of Dalí which works surprisingly well. But this was definitely my favorite:

Let’s end this post with another Dalí original, Couple aux tétes pleines des nuages:


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