Vienna Comic Con 2015

Vienna Comic Con
Visited on: 22.11.2015

Last November saw the biggest and I’m tempted to say first real ComicCon in Vienna. Sharp on the heels of our second visit to the London ComicCon, we decided to show our support of the idea of a local ComicCon by visiting this one as well. Unsurprisingly, the Vienna ComicCon is much smaller than the one in London and they didn’t attract the biggest stars (yet). But it was nevertheless an enjoyable few hours to spend.


There were three big difference between the cons in London and Vienna. One was the fact that in Vienna you had actually enough room to walk and weren’t pushed between stalls in a homogenous mass. There were plenty of people, but it wasn’t too much. It was also much better organized, starting with the fact that as soon as you entered you got a bad that contained the program with a timetable and a floor plan (it would have been even better if that info had also been available online). Only the fact that one of the restroom was made inaccessible remained a mystery to me. Although since they decided to promote Jessica Jones by putting Kilgrave quotes on the mirrors in the restrooms, it might be better that they did that on as few mirrors as possible. It’s not exactly a good thing to put a (sexually) coercive quote from a mind-controling villain into such a private space.

There were also far from as many cosplayers as in London, but the cosplayers that were there really knew their business and had excellent, high quality costumes. And finally there were much more tits. There were tits everywhere – from Media Markt employees who had to promote the electronics store in their underwear with Spider-Man body paint (fuck that sexist shit) to the comics on display. It got tiring pretty fast. At least they included a “Cosplay is not consent” primer on the entry badges, which was a nice touch.

fokoladenkekfeBut that doesn’t mean that there was nothing to discover. I for one completely fell in love with the unicorn pictured above (available here in all kinds of variations) and it was really nice to see that the people of Wienerland are not only hard at work but are starting to get somewhere as well. I’m looking forward to Austria’s fantasy web series with high production values. And it was just nice to stroll through the (tiny, unfortunately) Artist Alley to (re-)discover Tintenfuchs and the Austrian Superheroes.

In short, I’d say that this ComicCon was very successful and an excellent start. I’m already looking forward to the Con of 2016 (Nov 19-20).

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