Broken Mirrors (T.A. Pratt)

Broken Mirrors is the fifth of the Marla Mason novels by T.A. Pratt.
Finished on: 27.3.2019
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Marla Mason is a problem-solver. So when somebody close to her dies, it’s just another problem that needs solving. And her solution is simple: she will just reach into a parallel universe, one that is much worse, and get that someone to her own universe. But things go very wrong indeed when The Mason and Crapsey enter through the gap Marla created – thoroughly evil versions of herself and Rondeau. The question is whether Marla can stop her evil self before she carries out her plans.

Broken Mirrors takes Marla Mason in a very new direction – and one I didn’t expect, but I definitely appreciated it – and it renewed my excitement about the series.

The book cover showing a dark figure in a cloak in front of a blue background with a spider-web pattern like broken glass over it.
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