I’m sitting around, I got nothing to do…

What happened in the last few days:

On Monday, I had actual work to do (+). Had a test in the evening (-) and after that, celebrated my sis’s birthday (+).
On Tuesday, I didn’t have work (-), a test (+), nor celebrated a birthday (-). But I had some cocktails (+) and bought some books (++).
On Wednesday, I read and corrected L.’s thesis (+). Spilled coffee (why did it have to be coffee? Coffee going to waste is tragic (-)) Uni started again (-) (First lesson: English(+)).

In my time between, I finished watching Eyes, which was o.k. but I wouldn’t have watched more than a season if they had made more. (~)

Today: coffee with K. (+), bought a refrigerator (those things are expensive (-)), no work (-), uni in the evening (-) (a reflection unit – they love to reflect, they really do(-)). If it wasn’t for that, abstrakt would have taken me to the Sweeney Todd premiere she won tickets for. (—) 

And I’m getting sick again. (-)

Today sucks. [Except for you, K., honey! Have fun at Sweeney Todd with abstrakt.]