Disgrace (2008)

Disgrace is Steve Jacobs‘ adaptation of J. M. Coetzee‘s book, starring John Malkovich, Jessica Haines, Eriq Ebouaney and Antoinette Engel.

David Lurie (John Malkovich) is an ageing professor at the University of Capetown. When he coerces a student (Antoinette Engel) into sex and is caught, he rather leaves the university without even defending himself than apologise. He leaves Capetown and moves to his daughter Lucy (Jessica Haines), who leaves at a remote farm. For a while, things seem to look up and David seems to find his balance but then Lucy and David are assaulted and Lucy is raped, while David is unable to protect her.

I’m gonna put this plain and simple: This movie sucks. It sucks mostly for its politics, but surprisingly, John Malkovich sucked as well.

And just so you’re warned, this review will be one huge rant.


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The Infernal Comedy

[In case you were wondering, we’re now at the beginning of July with my reviews. ;)]

The Infernal Comedy is a play written by Michael Sturminger [German] about Jack Unterweger, famous serial killer and society guy. It stars John Malkovich.

Jack Unterweger (John Malkovich) is in hell, where he does a reading of his autobiography to an eclectic audience (us). With him, there are two singers (Laura Aikin and Aleksandra Zamojska) who play the various women in his life, while performing – with an orchestra – various arias from different operas.
[You can read the entire script at the homepage I linked to above.]

It’s an awesome play, capturing the fascination Unterweger had on Vienna’s high society (especially the women) as much as the gruesome murders he committed. Despite the dire topic, it has some really good laughs and the music is very well chosen.

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Changeling (2008)

Changeling is another Clint Eastwood project, meaning he did everything except playing the lead. And the only reason he didn’t do that is because Angelina Jolie payed him a very big sum to be allowed to do it. Well… probably.

I’ve had some major issues with it. And not in a good way. [Hm… can you have issues with something in a good way?]

Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) is a single mom in the twenties. After coming home from work one day, she finds that her nine year old son is gone. Months of search follow, led by the Los Angeles Police, which is more corrupt than anything else. Finally, they give her the news that her son has been found. Unfortunately, the kid they want to reunite her with, is not her Walter. When Christine tells them, they try to convince her that she’s fooling herself. What follows is the fight between a mother looking for her son and the police trying to get good press for once.
It’s based on a true story.



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I don’t know what the fuck it is we *did*, but…

Burn After Reading is the new movie by Ethan and Joel Coen and, after No Country For Old Men, they’re back on my good side with this. They really should stick to making comedies.

Burn After Reading is funny. Funnier than I expected. Especially J. K. Simmons had me under my seat, laughing.

But altogether, the cast is really good. Brad Pitt should take on more roles like that, they suit him. George Clooney should always play in Coen brothers comedies.  And do I even have to mention the greatness of Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and John Malkovich?

The story is mind-bending, especially because you can kind of imagine that it could happen that way.

What can I say? I loved it.

— Personal tidbit —

I was in the cinema with my mum and the preview of Burn After Reading came on. My mother saw it for the first time and when J. K. Simmons came up, she said, “Wow… you can hardly recognise John Malkovich!” *rofl*