Welcome to my blog!

I’m a pop-culture addict. Especially movies, but also TV shows and books (how I love books). Sometimes I even leave the “pop” part behind and go to plays, or exhibitions or concerts. Basically, it’s what I spend all my money on. [I didn’t do the actual math, but I’m pretty certain that I’m single-handedly supporting about 10 jobs in the film industry and keeping at least one Viennese cinema going.]

On this blog, I review the movies and plays I watch, the books I read, the concerts I attend and the art exhibitions I go to. And whatever else I feel like reviewing.

Apart from being a pop-culture addict, I’m also a cis-gendered, bisexual, white, feminist, atheist, geek woman from Vienna, Austria, so that certainly shapes my outlook – and I’m not afraid to show that in my reviews as well.

In case you’re wondering, kalafudra is a little witch my family invented. My actual name is Lena.

If you would like me to guestblog somewhere or to review something in particular, I’m always open – just get in touch!

You can reach me at kalafudra (at) gmail (dot) com or by leaving a comment here. You can also find me here:

Bitching About Bad Books (retired)


Also, Check out the webseries we made: LOLVE!
It is brilliant, if I do say so myself. ;)

[ed. June 6, 2012: In case you’re wondering that the comments don’t fit the content of this page – I just overhauled the entire About page.]

27 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for supporting African Prisons Project by reading – what a fantastic idea!!!

    Would be great if you could post a blog entry about your reading project and how much you hope to raise.

    Many thanks,
    Adam Smith
    African Prisons Project

  2. … thought you might be interested in Britannica’s new blog series:

    Haunted Hollywood: A New Blog Series (10 Oscar-Related Ghost Stories in Honor of the Academy Awards)

    The two weeks of postings are by Laurie Jacobson, author of Hollywood Haunted: A Ghostly Tour of Filmland.

    We hope you enjoy the posts, and you and your readers are welcome to leave comments.

    All the best,

    Barbara Schreiber
    Britannica Blog
    Encyclopaedia Britannica
    Chicago, Illinois USA

  3. Hi. This feels like a long email to put in a comments section, but it was the only way I could see to contact you.

    I’d like to ask for your help and opinions.

    My name is Amanda McCollam and I am a journalism graduate student in New York currently finishing my final thesis. The article I’m writing investigates the way that more than ever before, people are willing to put details of themselves online for all to see. From blogs to Facebook to Youtube, the concept of privacy seems to have been replaced by a “Look at me” or “Here’s what I think” sort of mindset.

    I’ve talked to psychological experts, and their opinions on this are divided. Some think it is a sign of narcissism, and that people think they are wonderful and are desperate to be exhibitionists for all to see.

    Others think it’s positive — that blogs and social networking sites let people express themselves, promote their ideas, show other sides of themselves, etc.

    As a regular blogger, I’m curious what you think. Please understand two things: 1) I am asking about information such as name and age simply to identify you in the article, which is required in journalism. 2) I’m not judging. As a former blogger myself, I personally think speaking your mind online is a great thing. Any questions that seem otherwise are simply because I’m looking for opinions that may counter the experts who think of it as negative.

    Thanks, and if you would prefer to speak via telephone I’m happy to arrange that. Also, if there are any questions you’re uncomfortable with or simply uninterested in then feel free to just not answer. Be as brief or long-winded as you want.


    Background questions–

    Name and Age:

    City of residence:

    Primary occupation outside of blogging:

    Anything else about your real life you’d like to share (proud mother, huge football fan, etc):

    As a blogger, how regularly do you post and how long have you been doing it:

    What is the main focus of your blog? Tidbits about your personal life, inspirational thoughts, etc?:

    About Blogging:

    1.What is your motivation? Or, in other words, what made you start blogging and what makes you keep doing it?

    2.Do you think of yourself as a special human being? Do you think that your ideas and life are so interesting that you need to share them with the world?

    3.Do you think you are being an exhibitionist when you put details of yourself online? Basically, what would say to experts who think exposing your thoughts, etc., online make you an exhibitionist and narcissist?

    4. What do you think blogging does to the concept of privacy? Think about it this way: Would your grandmother have wanted strangers to know what she had for breakfast or her biggest fear? Do you think it is simply a sign of changing times? Or do you think the technological tools make us disregard privacy?

    5. If so, do you think a loss of privacy as it was defined 50 years ago is a good or bad thing? Are we simply becoming more open people, or are some experts right when they say we’d rather have fame than privacy?

    6. Have you so far experienced any negatives as a result of having a blog?

    7.What have been the positives?

    Thanks very much for your help. Without sounding pushy, I’d like you to know that I’m on a deadline and any response as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated!


    Amanda McCollam

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