Welcome to my blog!

I’m a pop-culture addict. Especially movies, but also TV shows and books (how I love books). Sometimes I even leave the “pop” part behind and go to plays, or exhibitions or concerts. Basically, it’s what I spend all my money on. [I didn’t do the actual math, but I’m pretty certain that I’m single-handedly supporting about 10 jobs in the film industry and keeping at least one Viennese cinema going.]

On this blog, I review the movies and plays I watch, the books I read, the concerts I attend and the art exhibitions I go to. And whatever else I feel like reviewing.

Apart from being a pop-culture addict, I’m also a cis-gendered, bisexual, white, fat, feminist, atheist, geek woman from Vienna, Austria, so that certainly shapes my outlook – and I’m not afraid to show that in my reviews as well.

In case you’re wondering, kalafudra is a little witch my family invented. My actual name is Lena.

If you would like me to guestblog somewhere or to review something in particular, I’m always open – just get in touch!

You can reach me at kalafudra@gmail.com

You can also find me here:

Tumblr (retired)
Bitching About Bad Books (retired)


Also retired, but: check out the webseries we made: LOLVE!
It is brilliant, if I do say so myself. ;)