identities Festival 2015

The identities Festival – Vienna’s biennially queer film festival starts today and will continue until June 21st. They show a wide variety of films from documentaries to short animated films, from recent TV movies to older Hollywood classics.

They have several, partly overlapping topics they focus on this year:

  • Fascinating Personalities
  • Music as Part of the Creative Identity
  • Youth and Coming of Age
  • Black, Queer Identities
  • Sports
  • Swiss Movies
  • Latin American Movies

And tributes to:

  • Yvonne Rainer
  • Vanessa Redgrave

I got an early glimpse into the programming of the Festival and (p)reviewed the following films:

I’ll see many more during the Festival, but I won’t be able to review them quite as quickly as those four. But if you’d like to see what previous years of the festival had to offer, I invite you to browse through my reviews.

I hope I’ll see you there!

Top 10: Favourite Recipes for Everyday Food

This is another of L.’s requests. And since it’s something I’ve never talked about before, I accept the challenge. [I mean, yes, I’ve talked about food, but recipes? Nuh-uh.]

Before I go into this, let me state a few facts: I’m probably the most qualified person to talk about this, like ever, since I’m not much of a cook. [In my family, I’m responsible for baking.] I want things to go easy, fast and still be tasty. And that’s what my recipes will be like. So don’t expect any gourmet “keep in the freezer for ten minutes, then boil, then turn upside down and throw it against the wall” stuff.

I’m disqualifying any convenience products. I mean “put in the microwave and heat for 2 minutes” is not much of a recipe. But what I do allow is variations of convenience products (like take this ready made sauce and do that with it).

Well, then let’s get to it. ;)

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Top 10: Sexy Male Voices

Do I need to explain the concept of sexy voices?

Nah, I don’t think so. There are just people who have the vocal je ne sais quoi. And as I have a thing for men, my list is entirely male (but I invite everyone to write their own lists – male or female).

[And just to clarify: I’m really talking sexy voices here – not voices I like to listen to (though I like to listen to sexy voices). Therefore, Stephen Fry is not on the list because while I could listen to him for hours, it’s not because his voice is sexy.]

Anyways, here we go!

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Assorted Bits and Pieces

Just for the record, when I posted the pumpkin dance video yesterday, I in no way wanted to support the cultural imperialism. In Austria, we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween, though it’s happening more and more these days. We have November 1st as the catholic holiday to mourn the dead, which – to my heathen, atheist knowledge – includes going to cemetaries, probably while carrying huge wooden crosses and pourring hot ashes everywhere. I could be mistaken though.

[The same thing is happening with Santa Claus. We have Saint Nikolaus (aka. Santa Claus) who comes on December 6th and on Christmas proper, Baby Jesus brings us the presents. Nowadays, we have Saint Nikolaus and in more and more families Santa Claus comes to bring the presents on Christmas Day, too.]

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Top 10: Desserts

And now for something completely different. Moving away from the customary pop culture item of the week, let’s turn to food.

Food… isn’t it awesome? All life-sustaining and stuff? And so damn tasty… :P

Though I love all kinds of food (with the exception of intestines [with the exception of liver] which are, arguably, not food after all), there’s something special about the sweet stuff.

Imagine you’ve just eaten dinner and you’re full to the brim. The meal was excellent and you’ve overindulged yourself. Then somebody comes up and says, “Would you like a piece of meat?”

Your reaction would most likely be to explode on the spot.

But now replace the word “meat” with the word “cake” and suddenly some secret department in your stomach opens up and you notice, that, in fact, you’d love to have a piece of cake. But only a small one. No, a little bigger than that. A little bigger than that. A liiittle bigger. Perfect.

And then you eat like half a cake and are perfectly happy.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, here’s my Top 10 Desserts which, surprisingly, are not all sweet!

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