Love Bite (Azure)

Love Bite is a short story by Azure (available here).
Finished on: 10.6.2021

Mercy and Brooke have been dating for a while, but recently Brooke has been going through some changes, turning into a vampire due to a genetic condition. Alienated from her own body and unwilling to drink blood, she has been a cause of worry for Mercy. But Mercy has a plan to get her girlfriend back in touch with herself and her needs. All she needs is a bit of creativity and kink.

Love Bite is a kinky short story with a nice sense of humor and really lovely characters. I was a little disappointed that it’s only a short story – I wouldn’t have minded to spend more time with Mercy and Brooke (kinky or otherwise). The two are just a lovely couple and so vividly brought to life in just those few pages. I loved that Mercy is trans and that her body is described so lovingly. I also really enjoyed this take on vampirism and the artful connections that are made between the lore and BDSM. In short, this story is a whole lot of fun. I can only recommend it.

The book cover showing a woman dressed in a blue nightshirt and panties, holding a black tie into which roses are worked. There are bite marks on her inner thigh.

Up For Air (Christina Berry)

Up For Air is the first novel in the Lost in Austin series by Christina Berry.
Finished on: 6.5.2021
[I won this book in a LibraryThing Early Reviewer Give Away.]

Ari met Greg and Jake when they were just teenagers. Jake became her best friend, and Greg her husband soon after. Ari has left a very shelterd life that way for 12 years, but a funeral causes her to take stock of her life, and the bottom line is that Ari isn’t happy anymore. She feels limited and suffocated by her lack of experiences. So she asks Greg whether they could open their marriage to try new things. To her surprise, Greg agrees and their decision pushes them both on new paths. But where those paths lead, they could not have foreseen.

Up For Air is a really good read with nice characters and a good understanding of what its story is actually writing about. There were a couple of moments where I wanted to get my own editing pen out, to polish things a little more, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.

The book cover showing a pair of discarded chucks and behind them two feet in fishnet stockings, putting on high heels.
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Moonlit Surrender (Kitty Wilder)

Moonlit Surrender is a novel by Kitty Wilder.
Finished on: 1.1.2021
[I won this book in a LibraryThing Early Reviewer contest.]

Content Note: dubious consent

Lucy is trying very hard to balance her work life with the night classes she attends at community college and to still find time for her boyfriend. But when a mixed up classroom leads her to Professor Johnathan Wright, everything changes. Not only does Lucy find herself drawn inexorably to Johnathan, and vice versa, but Johnathan isn’t just a simple professor at a community college. He’s a vampire and his world is dangerous indeed for a human like Lucy. But the supernatural is only a part of the world that Johnathan opens for Lucy. The other part is sexual power exchange and submission.

Moonlit Surrender is a quick, engaging read with an interesting main couple that lost itself a little for me in the second half. It suffers a little from “not like the other girls” syndrome, and adds a daddy kink in the second half that I wouldn’t have needed. But I read it in pretty much a day and I did enjoy it overall.

The book cover showing a man with very pale eyes holding a woman with dark hair from behind.
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