Someone Like Me (M.R. Carey)

Someone Like Me is a novel by M.R. Carey.
Finished on: 17.11.2020

Content Note: domestic violence, stalking

Liz tries really hard to bring up her two children and keep her abusive ex-husband in check. But one night when he brings them back to her and she confronts him with the fact that he is late, he almost kills – until something takes over her and almost kills Marc right back. Liz is understandably shaken and worried about psychiatric issues, especially since what took over her – or rather who – doesn’t seem to want to leave. Meanwhile Fran, a school mate of Liz’ son Zak, also struggles with her own trauma. She was abducted when she was a child and ever since, she has had Jinx, an imaginary fox, accompany her. She knows that Jinx isn’t real, but she is a comfort. When her issues flare up again and she arranges an appointment with her psychiatrist, seeing Liz there. Only she sees something strange about Liz, something that isn’t right. When Fran and Zak get closer and Fran is actually introduced to Liz, things keep getting stranger still.

Someone Like Me is a rather slow book, but not in the sense that it gets boring. I’d say it sits more on the thriller side of things than on the horror side, which is not that much my cup of tea, but it still worked for me, albeit not as well as The Girl with All the Gifts.

The book cover showing a woman or girl in a red hoodie standing in front of a pale green background. Her reflection as if in a lake can be seen below her, only that the reflection is looking in the other direction than her.
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My Sister, the Serial Killer (Oyinkan Braithwaite)

My Sister, the Serial Killer is a novel by Oyinkan Braithwaite.
Finished on: 1.11.2020

Korede and Ayoola are sisters, though they are very different. Korede is rather calm and conscientous, working as a nurse and has been pining after one of the doctors at the hospital – Tade. Ayoola, on the other hand, is lively, super-pretty and seems to do not much more than dating one guy after the other. The thing is, three of her boyfriends already ended up dead – stabbed by Ayoola. Supposedly in self-defense, but Korede – whom Ayoola always called to help with the clean-up – isn’t too sure about that self-defense part. Maybe Ayoola is just a psychopath. When Ayoola comes to the hospital and meets Tade, Korede has to work out her options, urgently.

My Sister, the Serial Killer was an entertaining and very quick read that I really enjoyed. It does have a couple of issues, but they are easy to forgive, especially since it’s a debut novel.

The book cover showing the face of a black woman wearing a headscarf and sunglasses. The sunglasses are red and you can see a raised hand with a knife reflected in them.


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Fellside (M.R. Carey)

Fellside is a novel by M.R. Carey.
Finished on: 21.6.2019

Jess Moulson is one of the inmates at Fellside prison. She was convicted of arson and murder after a fire that started in her apartment killed another inhabitant of the house, all while Jess was out on heroin. That other inhabitant? Alex Beech, a 10-year-old boy. Ridden by guilt, Jess is ready to shuffle of this mortal coil herself, when she is visited by Alex’ ghost who tells her that he was already dead when the fire started, but he seems to be confused about what happened. Jess promises him that she will find out what really happened. Easier said than done as she is still an inmate in a high security prison.

Fellside isn’t bad, but I was far from loving it as much as I loved all his other stuff so far. It is a decent read, but it didn’t leave me as excited as The Girl with All the Gifts or The Unwritten.

The book cover showing a dead branch in front of a foggy blue background. In the distance we can just make out a big building.
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