7th Son: Descent (J. C. Hutchins)

7th Son: Descent is the first novel in the 7th Son Series by J. C. Hutchins. You can read it in its entirety here or download the audiobook here. Or both!

Shortly after the President of the US is assassinated by a four-year-old, seven men who have seemingly nothing in common get abducted by a shadowy government organisation. Slowly they discover what secret they all share – and what connects them to assassination.

Here’s what you need to know about 7th Son: Descent: It’s hard SciFi. It’s a thriller. It leaves you on tenterhooks. As far as I know, its sequel is not yet written, in any case not yet released. You’re going to hate J. C. Hutchins a little bit for that. And you should definitely read 7th Son: Descent.

If you know me, you’ll know that I usually don’t read thrillers. Every once in a while I get the urge to and then I invariably stumble upon thrillers that suck and then I don’t touch the whole genre for a while until I get the urge again… [Of course, there are exceptions to that rule. But that’s normally how it goes.] That said: 7th Son: Descent had me completely hooked. I read along with the serialisation on boingboing and I’d compulsively check the site for the updates – even though I had it in my reader anyway… I just needed to know what happened next. And, people, my fingernails suffered A LOT.

It was also the first hard SciFi book I ever read*. I was actually a little afraid to go there. I mean, I like the natural sciences, but in a very layman’s way. I’m at home with the social sciences. And I thought that even if I understood what was going on, I’d probably be bored if it went into too much detail.

Well, I was wrong. At least in this case. I thought the science fascinating and Hutchins was able to weave it into the narrative in a way that you hardly noticed it was there. [Seriously, I think it was around Chapter ten that I thought for the first time, “huh, this is probably hard SciFi. Whoddathunkit?”]

I’m kind of hesitant to comment on Hutchins’ writing style. I blazed through this book so fast that I don’t really know how it’s written (other than so fluent that you can blaze through it).

Anyway, I can only recommend this book to you. Even if thrillers/SciFi novels aren’t usually your thing.

*Okay, some people say that the Thursday Next Series is hard SciFi but I’d kind of dispute that: SciFi yes, hard no.

7 thoughts on “7th Son: Descent (J. C. Hutchins)

  1. I have to tweet back to wour tweets without twitter.

    @flickr: wonderful pictures. Your island has everything one could need. Are the horses intended to end up as steak as well? oO
    There’s just one thing the island lacks: a talking parrot.
    Wwwwait. And a hot geysir.

    @teenagers: Personally I’m very fond of teenagers as they tend to show me their noble spirited side. This might have something to do with not living together under one roof

    • @flickr: The island is great, isn’t it? I really like it. :)
      And no, the horses are for transportation only.

      The could be a talking parrot in the house. Or in the woods.

      And a geysir is not really my thing… but you could do your own island with all of that. :)

      @teenagers: Trust me, you’ll see how they suck when your children are that age.
      I had a fight with my sister yesterday (the youngest). It was just such a typical super-teeny thing she did. Frustrating.

      • @ teenagers: That’s why I have to make loads of money to send them to some elite boarding-school. Far, far away (think Japan, not Switzerland) :P

        I’m going to draw my own island someday. Maybe to reward myself for finishing a chapter of my thesis.

    • I’ll tell you when we talk on the phone the next time… it’s nothing too exciting, though.

      There are solar cells on the roof of my house. So no geysirs necessary. And even if there wasn’t, I’d probably still choose cold showers over geysirs because geysirs mean volcanic activity mean earthquakes and volcanos and stuff. Can do without that.

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