• Yeah, probably…

      But I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I opened the newspaper and there were honest to god 3 pages of burial coverage and half a page about the G8 meeting… That’s just wrong.

  1. I watched it (of course I did).*

    The shiny golden coffin between stage and audience was really disturbing.
    But the music was (mostly) nice, and some of the details were interesting and/or funny, and the saint-making hyperbole was great – “His art lifted him up into another stratosphere!” (???)

    And now that we have officially lived to see the day the music died (again), and the end of history (agaaaain), and the end of the world as we know it (agaaaaaaaain), we can all move on with our lives :)

    * Fact of the day: Roman whatshisname from the ORF is still hot even when he’s bored out of his mind :)

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