Top 10: Perfume Ads

Perfume ads reach from pure WTF to “beautiful but what does that have to do with perfume”? As such, it is the perfect ground for aesthetically pleasing advertisement since nobody gives a damn about an actual connection to the product anyway.

Let’s celebrate that with a Top 10 list!

10. Calvin Klein’s Escape

What the hell is going on? Nobody knows, but it sure looks pretty…

9. Dior’s J’Adore

And what’s going on here? Nobody cares.

8. Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle

This is probably the only perfume ad ever that makes me think, “oh, that famous actor/model looks so nice, I’d like to meet her/him.” Congratulations, Keira Knightley.

7. Dunhill’s London

Pretty guy. Pretty London.

6. Calvin Klein’s Obsession (I)

Directed by David Lynch, quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald and that may or may not be Benicio del Toro. What more could you ask for?

[There’s also one with Ernest Hemingway and D. H. Lawrence.]

5. Emporio Armani’s Diamonds for Men

Because Josh Hartnett is really sexy and also, the ad is the essence of what perfume is supposed to do.

4. Chanel’s No. 5 (I)

How could I not go for the fairy tale retelling?

3. Boss Bottled

And now, watch it in reverse.

2. Calvin Klein’s Obsession(II)

The shots through the corset are genius.

1. Chanel’s No. 5 (II)

Channeling the best of Luhrman – the Moulin Rouge Luhrman. One can never have too much of that.


  1. Great videoss!!

    I Love perfumes and here is my top 10 woman’s perfumes :

    * No. 1: DKNY Delicious Candy Apples
    * No. 2: Clinique Happy in Bloom, Clinique
    * No. 3: Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin
    * No. 4: Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Chanel
    * No. 5: “Wild Meadow”. Kate Moss
    * No. 6: Guerlain Insolence Blooming
    * No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina
    * No. 8: Incanto Bloom, Salvatore Ferragamo
    * No. 9: Elle Edition Collector, Yves Saint Laurent
    * No. 10: Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2010

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