Top 10: Break-Up Songs

There are two kinds of Break-Up Songs in the world:

  1. The songs that make you wallow in self-pity until you’re ready to slit your wrists, convinced that the one true love just left you.
  2. The songs that will pick up the pieces after that self-pity phase, the range going from angry to reconciliatory.

Because of this dichotomy, this list will be twofold as well. Five songs will be of the first category, five of the second. If you’re just going through a break-up, you might want to skip the first five songs. [Or you’re listening to these songs all the time anyway and want to sound off about my choices. You’re very welcome to do either.]

Just a warning before we start: This list is unashamedly pop-music-y. Don’t expect any unknown gems being uncovered, is all I’m saying.

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Top 10: YouTube Videos Shorter Than 30 Seconds

We all know that the internet is screwing with our attention spans. Let’s celebrate that fact!

Here are 10 videos shorter than 30 seconds and completely awesome. Most are funny, though a few are more black humour than anything else.

In any case, you will have reached the end of this post in about 10 minutes. If your internet connection is really slow.

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Top 10: Martial Arts Fight Scenes

Okay, just to start with: I’m using a rather broad definition of Martial Arts here. What I mean is fights that are artfully choreographed, not necessarily that it’s flawless karate/jiu-jitsu/whatever. Most are done with some kind of weapon.

And here shall be a warning: some of these scenes are pretty gruesome. If you’re squeamish, better skip this post.

Well, with that out of the way, let’s get to it.

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Top 10: Devils in Film

So, 2010 seems to be the year of crappy religiouslythemed movies, most with Paul Bettany, apparently. [I’m so looking forward to all of them.] To celebrate this, why don’t we take a look at older movies of the same orientation, more or less crappy.

And since the most interesting thing about these movies is usually the bad guy, let’s talk about devils!

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Top 10: Movies I’ve Seen in 2009

Yeah, I know, I’m a little late to the “Best of” parties, but I always find it incredibly unfair to all the things happening in December. So, you get this now.

Anyway, 2009 has seen me in the cinema 101 times (a new record), so I got quite a pool to choose from. I’ve seen some older movies during some festivals as well, but I’ll leave them out of this list.

My criteria is not necessarily “Best”, but definitely “Favourite”. That’s why you won’t find The White Ribbon on here. Though it is excellent.

And I have to admit that I cheated a bit, bundling some films together. But I honestly couldn’t remove more movies from the list.

Here we go (the links are to my reviews of the films):

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Top 10: Favourite Recipes for Everyday Food

This is another of L.’s requests. And since it’s something I’ve never talked about before, I accept the challenge. [I mean, yes, I’ve talked about food, but recipes? Nuh-uh.]

Before I go into this, let me state a few facts: I’m probably the most qualified person to talk about this, like ever, since I’m not much of a cook. [In my family, I’m responsible for baking.] I want things to go easy, fast and still be tasty. And that’s what my recipes will be like. So don’t expect any gourmet “keep in the freezer for ten minutes, then boil, then turn upside down and throw it against the wall” stuff.

I’m disqualifying any convenience products. I mean “put in the microwave and heat for 2 minutes” is not much of a recipe. But what I do allow is variations of convenience products (like take this ready made sauce and do that with it).

Well, then let’s get to it. ;)

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Top 10: Awkward Situations

We’ve probably all been there… You say something totally inappropriate without noticing. Or you do something, mostly inadvertently, and then you want the earth to open up and swallow you. Well, I guess I don’t need to explain.

Personally, I feel surprisingly little shame. [I shamelessly blame my parents for that.] But even I have had these moments… Mostly I can laugh about them. And since I’m a kind and giving person, I will share these laughs with you.

Also, L. suggested that I do this Top 10 list.

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Top 10: Sexy Male Voices

Do I need to explain the concept of sexy voices?

Nah, I don’t think so. There are just people who have the vocal je ne sais quoi. And as I have a thing for men, my list is entirely male (but I invite everyone to write their own lists – male or female).

[And just to clarify: I’m really talking sexy voices here – not voices I like to listen to (though I like to listen to sexy voices). Therefore, Stephen Fry is not on the list because while I could listen to him for hours, it’s not because his voice is sexy.]

Anyways, here we go!

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Top 10: Free Time Wasters

Now that uni started again, there’s no better time to supply people with the possibilities to procrastinate, probably indefinitely. And deadra, who was so nice to jump in when I didn’t write a list last week, basically challenged me to do my own version of her list. [Well, in my head anyway.]

So, I give you: Top 10 Free Time Wasters (provided you have an internet connection.

Please enter at your own risk.

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