So I just did the AQ Test which is an amateur version of a medical test devised to discover whether you have Asperger’s.

Anyone involved with geeks will know that we share many character traits with those suffering Asperger syndrome: obsessive attention to detail, social awkwardness, and some difficulty relating to other people. A few years ago, I ran across a test used to diagnose Asperger syndrome, and was surprised to note that it seems like a thumbnail description of your average geek.

And I scored 25. Which is not yet Asperger’s (that starts around 32), but it’s above the average math contest winner.

Kind of worrying.


This test is designed for fun. It is not meant to test you for any disorder (real or imagined). You can’t glean anything meaningful from this test without consulting with a mental health professional. It is not intended to make light of those who are suffering from autism or Aspergers syndrome. If you are worried about your mental health, see a professional.

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  1. 15. Average woman, and average male or female biologist.

    Given that I had to pretend I was someone’s Biology tutor for an hour yesterday – the human digestive system…soooo exciting – I can safely say that this score is probably the closest I’ll ever come to biologists.

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