Living a Life of Luxury

Today was the first day I had a cleaning lady. I love my life!

Now my kitchen is clean, my bathroom is clean and she’s coming back next week. Until then I’ll spent most of my time at my parents’ place because they are not there and somebody has to take care of the dogs and puppies. So, tomorrow evening my short holiday starts – 4 days of cuddling puppies with the occasional break to have a friend over and have a cup of coffee. Maybe watching some TV or doing some writing or finishing the 500 books I’m reading :).

Sounds perfect? IS perfect!


This week I saw my first Advent calendar in the supermarket. Christmas is coming a little early this year…

Usually, even in Austria, we have some Halloween stuff (Hallo-Wien *rollseyes*) and only after that the Christmas stuff. What happened this year? – I didn’t see any pumpkins or witches or anything. And Halloween is in two weeks time…

Not that I’m particularly sad about Austria not celebrating Halloween. I’m not a really conservative person but Holidays are holy :). Halloween just isn’t traditional here. And Santa Claus comes on the 6th of December and is Nikolaus and on Christmas, which is on the 24th of December not the 25th, comes the Christkind (Baby Jesus).

Thank you, I feel better now… from time to time even an atheist like me wants her christian traditions sav(or)ed.

Some other kind of test…

Today, I’ll have my first test at the new school… it will start in 4 hours and I’ve never learned so much in my entire life for one single test (about financial economy). But still, I’m more nervous than I ever was. I know, it will be ok when I’m at it but until then, it’s sweaty hands and a small throat and some uproar in my stomach.

Wish me luck! I hope the learning pays off.

Test Results

I love taking tests, but sometimes I wonder…

Lena, you’re a Physicist!

You’re the type of woman who believes that everything is reducible to facts and figures. When you live by logic, as you do, and are challenged by a search for truth, unsolvable queries are the bane of your existence. You’re a true data head. You’re the brain the world calls when it needs to pad a case with facts, get the numbers to add up, or explore some scary, uncharted place like your hard drive or outer space. You’re an independent thinker, and because you contribute viable solutions without wasting eons in collaborative brainstorming sessions, you’re smart to keep on the payroll. As long as you’re free to retreat to your library or lab to ponder in peace, you can unravel life’s darkest mysteries.

Who’s like you:
Marie Curie (famous scientist of radioactivity)

Likely careers:
Physicist, computer engineer, lab technician, astronomer, mad scientist

Anybody who actually knows me: please tell me I’m not!


Lena, you’re likely to find fame and fortune in the Creative World

Talk about ideas! You’re the type of person who’s always coming up with a new way to look at things — wherever you are. And more than most, you’re probably able to better express them in a multitude of ways — through writing, acting, sketching, jamming, painting, dancing, sculpting, filming, arranging…you get the picture.

Because you’ve got so much going on upstairs, your brain is never really turned in the “off” position. Heck, your dreams are probably even more creative than others. Here’s the thing: You’re the type who rises to the challenge of making something out of nothing — it’s a skill not everyone has. So how about it? What’s your next creative contribution to the world?

Maybe you’ll pen the first rap opera. Maybe you’ll join a rock-climbing, performance dance troop. Or maybe you’ll discover a link between Balinese Batik painters and Picasso. However you find fame and fortune, we sense you’ll be getting there by tapping into that uniquely-psychedelic-inventive-original-interpretive-expressive mass of creative gray matter.

So get out there and start designing your own clothing line, or theme restaurant, or housing complex, or website, or…

Yes please, I so want to join the rock-climbing, performance dance troop…



Lena, you are most afraid of not being good enough

Have you ever noticed that you’re more concerned about how others perceive you than many people around you? Or do you sometimes worry more than you should about doing things perfectly or feel afraid that others will mock you in some way? If so, you’re not alone. There are many people who share your fear of not being good enough.
It can be a real strength to recognize your fears. By being aware of the things that frighten you, you can assess whether fear is helping you or negatively impacting your life. For instance, a fear of not being good enough may sometimes motivate you to take action in a positive way, like by being more diligent in pursuing your goals than others.

However, fear’s negative aspects can sometimes be more damaging than you realize. Living with fear not only prevents you from living life to the fullest; it can also have a significant negative impact on your energy, health, and your close relationships if not kept in check.

I do so worry about what other people might think of me *shakes head*… But actually, I worry most that I can’t reach my own standards, so probably they’re right…


Lena, your pop culture IQ is 50, and you know the most about Fashion and Style

Strike a confident pose because you know what’s hot and, more importantly, what’s not. From trendy boutiques to underground thrift stores, you’ve got an eagle eye for what makes something stylish, chic, or just plain interesting.

Your fashion-forward style could be attributed to your fun-loving personality. One of your best qualities is that you don’t take life too seriously. You can usually be found mixing things up, whether it be a drink, the social scene, or your awesome outfits. But just because you pay close attention to fashion doesn’t mean that you’re not up to speed on stem-cell research, the stock price of Microsoft, or the situation in the Middle East. You just recognize that news comes in many forms. And nothing could be trendier.

*rofl* Oh yeah, I’m an icon concerning fashion. I knew it!



Lena, your celebrity soul mate is someone who’s Classy

It’s all about subtle style and sophistication with you. That’s why when it comes to matters of the heart, the celeb who’ll snare yours will be a classy character both onscreen and off. Whether you’re strutting the red carpet or sharing a romantic rendezvous on Rodeo Drive, only a class act will be right for the part of your soul mate.

Someone like Ewan McGregor has just the right combination of good looks, charm, and smarts to keep up with a star like you. Dinner dates filled with intellectual conversations and soft candlelight would keep this silver-screen dream burning bright. So reserve a table for two. You never know when you might meet someone special who’s as classy as you!

Ewan…. *sigh*


Lena, you’re 11% masculine

This is based on how you scored on a variety of traits that, founded on classic research and our own studies, are typically associated with men.

You’re also 89% feminine, which is based on how you scored on traits that are typically associated with women. When we compare your results with other women it shows that you are somewhat less masculine than other women.

But what is gender identity exactly? A person’s gender identity is defined by the extent to which they see themselves as masculine or feminine. Every person possesses both masculine and feminine qualities to some degree, however the extent to which each person has these qualities differs widely. While you were taking the test, we calculated your scores in 6 areas typically defined as masculine and 6 areas typically defined as feminine.

I was hoping for some more gender variety… but I guess that’s too much to ask for. Well… I didn’t have any doubt that I was female… pity, I would have liked to get a result like: “You are 20% [insert fantastic name here], the [insert rather unknown tribe here] category for someone who is somewhere inbetween.” That would have been fun…

Lena, your coffee drink is Smooth

Easy does it. That’s how you get through life. Not one to get caught up in silly dramas or frivolous gossip, you’ve got the grace and elegance to know what really matters. That’s why your signature coffee drink is as smooth and refined as you are.

Calm, cool, and oh-so-collected, friends know they can come to you when they need a sympathetic ear and solid advice. You’re a natural when it comes to making friends — and keeping them — since you’re so trustworthy and real. With your confidence and composure, you can’t help but be one smooth operator no matter what curveballs life throws you. And that’s exactly what’s going to take you to the top. Stay cool!

Any Questions?