Mary and Max (2009)

Mary and Max is an animated movie by Adam Elliot, starring the voices of Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Humphries and Eric Bana. I saw it during the Anilogue Festival in Vienna.

Eight-year-old Mary Daisy Dinkle (Bethany Whitmore/Toni Collette) is a slightly strange and lonely child living in Melbourne with an alcoholic mother. One day, she tears a page from a New York phone book and writes at random to Max Horowitz (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Max turns out to be a fourty-four-year-old autistic who, after overcoming a panic attack triggered by the letter, answers Mary. A lifelong exchange of letters and friendship follows.

I can not tell you how perfectly wonderful this film is. It is funny, charming, sweet and incredibly well written, has great performances and is beautifully narrated by Barry Humphries. On top of that it looks amazing. Get your hands on a copy now.

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