Colours and Possibilities

The weekend, except for easter, a whole lot of food, and presents, brought us AFRIKA! AFRIKA!
That’s a circus in the style of Cirque du Soleil but with only African acrobats. It’s a project of Austrian artist André Heller whose work I really like (he also made the Swarovski Crystal Worlds which are just plain beautiful).

The show was amazing. I’d seen it one and a half years ago already, this time they had a new program (I’d say about 50% was actually new, but the parts I had seen before I had no problem with watching again).
It’s a two hour festival of the human body (how the hell can you move your body to fit through a tennis racket?), joy of living and of colours. The light show and the costumes, everything is utterly beautiful.

There’s a lot of dancing, traditional African dancing and break dancing, mostly. There’s some singing, a lot of contortion (I think some of these people are at least physically able to jump over their own shadows.) and juggling with different things (when was the point in time when somebody said “Oh, I could juggle a desk with my legs!” and who was this person?).

If you are anywhere near Vienna, go and see it! [Afterwards they will be in Graz, Barcelona, Milano and Paris. And in 2009 they’ll come to Asia.]