Die Kinder der Villa Emma [The Children of Villa Emma] (2016)

Die Kinder der Villa Emma
Director: Nikolaus Leytner
Writer: Agnes Pluch
Cast: Sophie Stockinger, Ludwig Trepte, Nina Proll, Muriel Wimmer, Laurence Rupp, August Zirner, Christian Dolezal, Maximilian Paier, Juri Zanger, Haris Begic, Justus Schlingensiepen, Enzo Gaier, Leon Orlandianyi
Seen on: 20.1.2021

Betty (Sophie Stockinger) lives in Vienna in 1941. As a Jewish girl, that is not the greatest place to be, so her father (Christian Dolezal) makes sure that Betty gets on a train with a group of children led by Helga (Nina Proll) and Georg (August Zirner). They hope to bring the children safely to Palestine. But the way there is dangerous and takes a lot of time.

Die Kinder der Villa Emma tells a good story, but it doesn’t tell it very well, I’m afraid. It doesn’t tell it badly, either, but there was something missing.

The film poster showing a group of children running towards a big mansion as well as several characters from the film.
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Beautiful Girl (2015)

Beautiful Girl
Director: Dominik Hartl
Writer: Agnes Pluch, Dominik Hartl
Based on: Gabi Kreslehner‘s [German] novel Charlottes Traum
Cast: Jana McKinnon, Marlon Boess, Giacomo Pilotti, Lilian Klebow, Susi Stach, Christian Tramitz
Seen on: 20.10.2015

Charlie (Jana McKinnon) is not even 16 and her parents are getting divorced, much to her surprise. Her mother Sylvia (Lilian Klebow) takes the kids and they move to the city. In her new school, Charlie meets Sulzer (Marlon Boess) and Carlo (Giacomo Pilotti). Although the two boys couldn’t be any more different – Sulzer is rich, loud and doesn’t give a damn about anything; Carlo is introverted, artistic and sensitive -, they are best friends and soon Charlie finds herself right in the middle between the two of them.

Beautiful Girl tells a story that we have seen many times already, but it tells it in a very nice way, making the film a sweet coming of age love story.

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