Two Artsy Things

The first thing I’d like to show you, is the Little People – a tiny street art project:

Little handpainted people, left in London to fend for themselves

Here are some examples for that:

(Yeah, the little reddish-brown spot at the bottom of the mailbox is the small mailbox.)

There are many more pictures at the blog, it definitely is worth a visit!

For the other thing, I’d like to point you to Alex Ostrowski’s homepage. He’s a design student and shows off his really cool projects, like the communicone:

Communicone is a simple piece of communication technology. In the digital age it’s easy to forget how simple it can be to get in touch with one another. According to Marshall McLuhan’s theory of technological determinism, by releasing Communicone we should be able to find ourselves doing a bit more doodling / filling / swapping / amplifying / looking.

But also really cool books and cd covers and other things. Just go there and browse for a bit, if nothing else, I’ve rarely seen a homepage with such a nice, bright and refreshing color scheme.