Jagten [The Hunt] (2012)

Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Writer: Thomas Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm
Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Annika Wedderkopp, Lasse Fogelstrøm, Susse Wold, Anne Louise Hassing, Lars Ranthe, Alexandra Rapaport
Part of: Viennale


Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) was recently divorced and lost his job. He is just getting his life back together, working in a kindergarden and trying to find a way to communicate with his ex for the sake of their son Marcus (Lasse Fogelstrøm). He has the support of his best friend Theo (Thomas Bo Larsen) and also finds some solace in the special friendship he shares with Theo’s daughter Klara (Annika Wedderkopp). But then another kindergarden teacher believes that Klara is accusing Lucas of abuse and that brings everything crashing down.

Jagten was a bit of a tour de force. It was amazingly fantastic but I can’t remember the last time I was so fucking tense during a movie. I can only bow down to Thomas Vinterberg and Mads Mikkelsen and then go cry in a corner.

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