68 Kill (2017)

68 Kill
Director: Trent Haaga
Writer: Trent Haaga, Bryan Smith
Cast: Matthew Gray GublerAnnaLynne McCordAlisha BoeSheila VandSam EidsonEric PodnarLucy FaustHallie Grace Bradley
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 27.9.2017

Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) has been dating Liza (AnnaLynne McCord) for a while, despite her being more than he can handle, really. One night, Liza brings the unsuspecting Chip to a robbery. She had a good plan but things start to get wrong and soon Chip finds himself trapped in the worst night of his life as he tries to find a way to survive the night and not get anybody else killed either.

I really wanted to like 68 Kill and it starts off well enough, but the longer it went on the more I started to hate it and its absolutely toxic take on both women and masculinity.


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