Mixed Signals (Alyssa Cole)

Mixed Signals is the third and final novel in the Off the Grid trilogy by Alyssa Cole.
Finished on: 29.12.2021
[Here are my reviews of the other two novels.]

The last four years, the world has been in a state of emergency, but things are slowly getting back to normal. For Maggie Seong this means that she may finally leave the house she’s been holed up in with her parents and partly her siblings and go to college. Accompanying her to college is Edwin Hernandez, a friend of her brother, and the man Maggie wanted to lose her virginity with. Only that Edwin has rejected her and things are a bit uncomfortable now. Things get weirder still when Maggie arrives in college and finds that her per-catastrope internet boyfriend Devon is there, too. Maggie has a lot to figure out.

Mixed Signals was probably the book I liked least in the series, though I really liked Maggie. But it’s still a really nice, quick and engaging read.

The book cover showing an East-Asian woman looking over her shoulder.
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Signal Boost (Alyssa Cole)

Signal Boost is the second novel in the Off the Grid trilogy by Alyssa Cole.
Finished on: 31.10.2021
[Here’s my review of the first novel in the series.]

Content Note: suicidal thoughts, mention of rape and assault

After electricity cut off everywhere, and with it all kind of communication systems, John and his best friend Arden made their way to his parents’ cabin. Now they have settled into a more or less comfortable routine with John’s parents and his siblings. Well, as comfortable as the end of the world can probably get. Until one night, John surprises a guy as he tries to steal their tomatoes. Mykhail wasn’t as lucky in the apocalypse as them, but as an astrophycisist he brings information of what might have happened – and a plan of how he may be able to help. For that, he needs to trek to his old university. John, who felt nothing but useless recently and who finds Mykhail very attractive indeed, is determined to go along and see if he can’t help either.

Signal Boost is a quick read that draws you in and makes you root for the characters. The plot itself is a little uneven, but as it takes a backseat to the characters and their relationship, I didn’t mind that too much.

The book cover shwoing an Asian man in front of a starry night sky.
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Radio Silence (Alyssa Cole)

Radio Silence is the first novel in the Off the Grid Trilogy by Alyssa Cole.
Finished on: 16.7.2021

Content Note: threat of rape

Arden and John were roommates in Rochester, New York when something happened that turned the whole world upside down – no more electricity, no more internet, no information on what is going on. It has been a few weeks and things have gone from bad to worse, so the two decide to hike to the Canadian border where John’s family has a cabin. John hopes to meet them there and that life in the countryside is still a bit safer than in the city. But just before they reach the cabin, they are attacked. Fortunately, John’s gorgeous brother Gabriel comes to the rescue. Navigating this new life isn’t easy, and definitely not made easier by Arden’s attraction to Gabriel, or Gabriel’s controling tendencies.

Radio Silence was a really good read – I practically read it in one sitting and enjoyed it all the while. Good characters, nice setting and a main pairing that has excellent chemistry – nothing more I could ask for.

The book cover showing a young Black woman looking at the camera.
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