Ancillary Mercy (Ann Leckie)

Ancillary Mercy is the final novel in the Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie.
Finished on: 25.9.2020
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Breq seems to be doing just fine on Athoek Station. Things are calm. But it’s a fragile calm that starts to get disrupted when she finds a stowaway on the station who shouldn’t exist. Plus, a new Presger translator, Zeiat, arrives at Athoek Station to inquire about the old translator. And Breq’s enemy, the ruler of the Radchaai Empire, Anaander Mianaai, approaches the Station as well. Things are coming to a head and decisions will have to be made.

This is such a satisfying series, I can hardly believe it is over now. Ancillary Mercy brings a great trilogy to a fantastic ending that ties everything up nicely and confirms the core messages the story has been sending so far, without feeling hamfisted.

The book cover, showing the drawing of a small spaceship as it approaches a much larger one. Behind them the surface of a planet or moon can be seen.
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