Angels’ Pawn (Nalini Singh)

Angels’ Pawn is a novella and the first thing to be released in Nalini Singh‘s new Guild Hunter Series. The next one will be Angels’ Blood, the first book which comes out next week. Again, these stories are in a paranormal setting, but it has nothing to do with the world Nalini Singh created for the Psy-Changeling Series.

Ashwini is a hunter for the Guild. The Guild is kind of the Human enforcer unit between the Angels and the Vampires (who are created by the Angels). Ashwini hunts renegade vampires, or vampires who have simply offended an angel. One of the vampires she had to hunt a couple of times (and always in the last time, her order would be retracted) is Janvier, a sexy Cajun.
When Ashwini is called on a mission to retrieve a kidnapped vampire, she calls on Janvier and his contacts to help her. But why he agrees to do it, she doesn’t know.

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