Ashes of the Firebird (Amy Kuivalainen)

Ashes of the Firebird is the second novel in the Firebird Faerie Tales series by Amy Kuivalainen.
Finished on: 27.6.2022
[Here’s my review of the first novel.]
[I won this book in a LibraryThing Early Reviewer give-away.]

After recent events, Anya and her allies are regrouping in Budapest. Anya herself is unconscious, as her spirit is trapped in the Land of Dreaming with her grandmother Yanka, and unable to find its way back to its body. As her friends try everything to get her back, things around them start to look more and more like a war is coming – a war that could potentially involve the entire supernatural world.

Ashes of the Firebird was a good read that drew me right back into this rather sprawling world, even though I didn’t quite remember all the things about the earlier novel. While there are still some things for me to criticize, I definitely liked more about it than I didn’t like. I’m glad I continued reading the series.

The book cover showing a stylized silver bird on a dark gray background.
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