Thank You for Bombing (2015)

Thank You for Bombing
Director: Barbara Eder
Writer: Barbara Eder, Thomas Pridnig
Cast: Erwin Steinhauer, Manon Kahle, Raphael von Bargen, Susi Stach, Nadeem Srouji
Seen on: 25.3.2016

Thank You for Bombing shows war reporting from the journalists’ points of view. Ewald (Erwin Steinhauer) is a seasoned war reporter but hasn’t been working in the field for a while due to anxiety. But then his editor decides to send him to Afghanistan, against his protests. On his way there on the airport in Vienna, Ewald is convinced to have discovered a war criminal from the war in Bosnia. Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Lana (Manon Kahle) is fighting to get a good story to report and to not be relegated to the sidelines constantly. She, too, takes up her own investigation. Cal (Raphael von Bargen), on the other hand, is bored by the organized reporting he gets to do in Afghanistan and drowns his boredom in alcohol.

Thank You for Bombing starts off strong and then gets increasingly weaker. In the end it just kinda fizzles out where it tries to go out with a bang.

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Blick in den Abgrund [Profilers, Gaze Into The Abyss] (2014)

Blick in den Abgrund
Director: Barbara Eder
Writer: Barbara Eder
Interviewees: Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm, Helen Louise Morrison, Roger L. Depue, Robert R. Hazelwood, Stephan Harbort, Gérard Labuschagne

Blick in den Abgrund is a documentary about six different profilers and criminial psychologists. It takes a look at their work, their process and thinking and the toll the work might take on them.

Much is made of the professional Profiler in popculture. In movies they make Holmes-worthy deductions, narrowing down the list of suspects until there’s only one left who just has to be the pychopath. Eder’s movie comes from that awe. But instead of giving you a realisitc, but still admiring look at the profession, for me it had an almost discrediting effect.


[Slight Trigger Warning]

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Inside America (2010)

Inside America is Barbara Eder‘s first film, starring Patty Barrera, Carlos Benavides, Edward K. Bravo, Luis De Los Santos, Zuleyma Jaime, Raul Juarez and Aimee Lizette Saldivar.

6 Teenagers in Brownville, Texas: Patty (Patty Barrera) struggles in school, while her grandmother things the best choice for her would be to marry quickly, but definitely not her boyfriend Manni (Raul Juarez) who doesn’t have any money himself. Manni has to work the nightshift and tries to be diligent, but gang violence keeps catching up with him. In the meantime Aimee (Aimee Lizette Saldivar) tries to fulfill her mother’s dream of getting voted Most Beautiful in high school and to convince herself that it’s her dream, too while her weapons-obsessed boyfriend Carlos (Carlos Benavides) sleeps with her maid. Zuly (Zuleyma Jaime) is about to move out from her foster family and has no idea where she could move to. And Ricky (Luis De Los Santos) is so shy that he can’t even sell some cookies for a fundraiser.

Inside America is an interesting look at the unpolished side of US-American high school life. It tries to look at a difficult subject from a fresh perspective, but can’t really get away from the stereotyped characters it created.

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