Krasue Krung Khon [The Dwarves Must Be Crazy] (2016)

Krasue Krung Khon
Director: Bin Bunluerit
Writer: Bin Bunluerit
Cast: Khomchit Taikhiri, Worawan Kanchon, Prachak Naeophila, Chaiphon Saksi, Phromlikhit Kraratphet, Ket SaiCharoen, Billy Pheenarak
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 7.5.2017
[Review by cornholio.]

Chaos erupts in a formerly peaceful village in the middle of the jungle when some of its inhabitants stumble upon a nest of fireflies and decide to eat it. Instead of a change of diet, those fireflies prove to be a change of entire existence, turning their consumers into never before seen, very hungry beings.

Apart from the fact that Krasue Krung Khon was shot entirely with actors who have dwarfism, there’s really nothing much to recommend the film. And even that is outweighed by the blatant voyeurism that comes with the film.

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