Oranges sanguines [Bloody Oranges] (2021)

Oranges sanguines
Director: Jean-Christophe Meurisse
Writer: Yohann Gloaguen, Jean-Christophe Meurisse, Amélie Philippe
Cast: Alexandre Steiger, Christophe Paou, Lilith Grasmug, Olivier Saladin, Lorella Cravotta, Fred Blin, Denis Podalydès, Blanche Gardin, Patrice Laffont, Vincent Dedienne
Part of: SLASH Film Festival
Seen on: 3.10.2021

Content Note: rape

Alexandre (Alexandre Steiger) is an attorney working for a minister (Christophe Paou), his job turning ever more into keeping the minister from being embroiled in scandal. What Alexandre doesn’t know is that his parents (Lorella Cravotta, Olivier Saladin) are in trouble, too, financially. But they are convinced they can solve everything by winning a dance competition despite their age. Meanwhile teenager Louise (Lilith Grasmug) is preparing for sleeping with her boyfriend for the first time.

Bloody Oranges starts well enough with a very critical, biting sense of humor. But after setting up its characters, the film changes pace and that change didn’t work for me at all. In fact, I was considering just getting up and leaving for a while. In the end, I did leave a few minutes early to catch my train back home in a less stressful way, but I wish I would have caught an even earlier train and skipped this film.

The film poster showing a politician with an orange in his face as if it was a clown's nose.
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Je ne suis pas un homme facile [I Am Not an Easy Man] (2018)

Je ne suis pas un homme facile
Director: Eléonore Pourriat
Writer: Ariane Fert, Eléonore Pourriat
Cast: Vincent Elbaz, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Pierre Benezit, Blanche Gardin, Céline Menville, Christèle Tual, Rémi Gérard, Olivier Pajot
Seen on: 22.6.2019

Content Note: (critical treatment of) sexism, misogyny, rape culture

Damien (Vincent Elbaz) is a Casanova – sleeping with any woman he can sleep with, with little interest to get to know them beyond sex. And he probably would have continued that way if he hadn’t run into a street sign. When he wakes up, Damien finds himself in a world that is completely unlike the one he remembers. Here, women are the ones in charge and men are seen as the weaker sex. So it is that Alexandra (Marie-Sophie Ferdane) who Damien remembers to be his best friend and writer Christophe’s (Pierre Benezit) secretary is the famous author used to order men around. Nevertheless, she and Damien find a connection.

Je ne suis pas un homme facile openly tackles a feminist topic that will always get a film bonus points. It handles it pretty well and is entertaining while it’s at it, though I found the ending a tad disappointing.

The film poster showing Alexandra (Marie-Sophie Ferdane) and Damien (Vincent Elbaz) standing back to back.
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