Dikaya okhota korolya Stakha [The Savage Hunt of King Stakh] (1980)

Dikaya okhota korolya Stakha
Director: Valeri Rubinchik
Writer: Valeri Rubinchik
Based on: Vladimir Korotkevich‘s (also spelled as Uladzimir Karatkievich) novel
Cast: Boris Plotnikov, Elena Dimitrova, Albert Filozov, Roman Filippov, Boris Khmelnitskiy, Valentina Shendrikova, Aleksandr Kharitonov, Igor Klass, Vladimir Fyodorov
Part of: SLASH Film Festival
Seen on: 30.9.2021

Content Note: ableism

Andrey Beloretskiy (Boris Plotnikov) is a young student who travels the country, collecting and studying folklore. One night he gets caught in the rain and finds shelter in the estate of Marsh Firs. The estate has obviously seen better days and there is only one member of the formerly grand Yanovsky family that owns it left – Nadezhda (Elena Dimitrova). Nadezhda is young and a little strange, dreaming of the big cities, but also convinced that the family curse will soon be the death of her. The first signs of it are already there: the Little Man, the Lady in Blue and the Savage Hunt of King Stakh have all been stalking the estate. Beloretskiy is intent on finding the truth behind the curse and legend.

The Savage Hunt of King Stakh is a visually intriguing film with a very Soviet message, I thought. I really enjoyed it.

The film poster showing Nadezhda Yanovskaya (Elena Dimitrova) and behind her a blindfolded man holding two guns. Above the two figures we can see a group of horse riders.
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