Primal (2019)

Primal (the first four episodes)
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Writer: Genndy Tartakovsky, Darrick Bachman, Bryan Andrews, David Krentz, Don Shank
Cast: Aaron LaPlante
Part of: SLASH Filmfestival
Seen on: 19.9.2020

After caveman Spear (Aaron LaPlante) loses his entire family to dinosaurs, he finds a T-Rex and her babies. At first he tries to attack, but while he is there, the dinosaurs who killed his family show up again and kill the T-Rex’s babies, too. After that, Spear and the T-Rex team up to face the dangers of their lives together.

Primal got a bit too much for me. Maybe my impression would have been different if I hadn’t seen four episodes back to back, but rather spread out, but ultimately it was just grunting and killing. I didn’t care for it.

The poster showing Spear riding the T-Rex as they fight monkeys.
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