Bad Black (2016)

Bad Black
Director: Nabwana I.G.G.
Writer: Alan Hofmanis, Nabwana I.G.G.
Cast: Nalwanga Gloria, Alan Hofmanis, Bisaso DaudaBukenya CharlesKizito Robert
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 24.9.2017

After a difficult childhood, Bad Black (Nalwanga Gloria) rose in the ranks of Kampala’s underworld and is now in a position of power herself. American Doctor Ssali (Alan Hofmanis) just wants to do his job and treat the Ugandans, but he and Bad Black clash as she takes all of his stuff. Now Ssali has to take matters into his own hands to get his things back and to continue his work. So he takes lessons from a tough ghetto kid called Wesley Snipe to prepare for his fight with Bad Black. 

I was in no way prepared for Bad Black and I can honestly say that it was quite an experience – an experience that I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

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