Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word (2016)

Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word
Director: Simon Rumley
Writer: Ben KetaiMarc HaimesTony Giglio
Based on: The Last Word and the case of Johnny Frank Garrett
Cast: Sean Patrick FlaneryErin CummingsMike DoyleSue RockDodge PrinceMike GassawayCassie Shea WatsonDevin Bonnée
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 2.10.2016

When Johnny Frank Garrett (Devin Bonnée) was 18 years old, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Now, almost two decades later, the sentence is to be finally carried out. But Johnny still insists he’s innocent and with his last breath he swears vengeance. It doesn’t take long after the execution that people connected to his case start dying.

I had never heard of the real story behind this film before seeing Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word. And now I kind of wish I had watched the documentary about the case instead of this film that got more exhausting with every minute that passed.

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