Director: Christian Stadlhofer
Writer: Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey
Cast: Alexander Jahnke, Veronika Riedl, Chanelle Wyrsch
Seen on: 25.2.2018

Sandy (Veronika Riedl) is starting at a new high school. She’s a nice girl who finds a connection with the wilder group of girls at the school. But she is really thrown when she realizes that Danny (Alexander Jahnke), the nice boy she met over the summer, also goes to that school. Only that the Danny she meets at school – the coolest boy there – is nothing like the sweet guy she met before.

I saw the stage version already a few years ago, though I could barely remember that production when I booked tickets for this one. I found this production of Grease entertaining, but it still doesn’t manage to eclipse the movie version.

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