Liliane Susewind – Ein tierisches Abenteuer [Little Miss Dolittle] (2018)

Liliane Susewind – Ein tierisches Abenteuer
Director: Joachim Masannek
Writer: Matthias Dinter, Beate Fraunholz, Betty Platz, Antonia Rothe-Liermann, Katrin Milhahn
Based on: Tanya Stewner‘s book series
Cast: Malu Leicher, Peri Baumeister, Aylin Tezel, Christoph Maria Herbst, Meret Becker, Tom Beck
Seen on: 21.5.2018

Liliane (Malu Leicher) just moved to a small town with ther parents (Peri Baumeister, Tom Beck) and her best friend, her dog. Liliane has a special talent: she can talk with animals. It’s a talent that comes in as handy as it brings her trouble. In this case, there’s a zoo in town and the animals there tell Liliane that animals have been going missing. And even though Liliane promised to keep a low profile in the new town, she can’t let things rest.

Liliane Susewind is a sweet film that I would have lapped up as a child. And it’s very definitely for children. Looking at it with an adult’s eye, though, there are a few things that bothered me about it.

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Wickie und die starken Männer [Vicky the Viking] (2009)

Vicky the Viking is the newest movie of German film maker and comedian Michael Bully Herbig, based on the book by Runer Jonsson and the TV show of the same name.

Vicky (Jonas Hämmerle) is the son of Halvar (Waldemar Kobus), chief of a village of Vikings. Halvar is a physical guy and one who measures strength through muscles. Vicky, on the other hand, is very smart but has to prove his father again and again that brains can meet muscles.
When all the children – including Vicky’s girlfriend Ylvi (Mercedes Jadea Diaz) – are kidnapped from their village (except for Vicky himself ), Vicky, his father and the men go out to rescue them.

Herbig put a lot of work into making this this live action movie resemble the animated original as much as possible and he succeeded with that. Unfortunately that also means that he transfered all the problems of the original. [And there are quite a few.] Also, his trademark humour is very much missing. I didn’t laugh as much as I expected.

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