New York … November (2010)

New York … November
Director: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn
Writer: Gerhard Fillei, Joachim Krenn
Cast: Matthew Mark Meyer, Claudia Vick, Sal Giorno

Bruce (Matthew Mark Meyer) tries to rob a bank, which ends disastrously. Shot, he makes his way to New York where he goes into hiding. But he receives the diary of a strange woman from his ex-girlfriend Maria (Jimena Hoyos). He doesn’t know how she found him or why she sent him the diary in the first place but he gets caught up completely in the woman’s description of an orchard in Colombia that seems strangely familiar.

New York … November is an Austrian movie project that took 12 years to finish. While I admire the tenacity I also kind of wished that they never had finished after all – since the movie is a pretentious, boring piece of film that makes you feel like you lost 12 years of your life just watching it.

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