Re-Watch: Unknown (2006)

Director: Simon Brand
Writer: Matthew Waynee
Cast: Jim Caviezel, Greg Kinnear, Jeremy Sisto, Barry Pepper, Joe Pantoliano, Bridget Moynahan, Peter Stormare, Chris Mulkey, Clayne Crawford, Kevin Chapman, Mark Boone Junior

Five men wake up one by one in a locked warehouse. None of them can remember who they are or how they got there. The first to wake up is Jean Jacket (Jim Caviezel). As he looks around he sees a guy with a broken nose (Greg Kinnear), one tied to a chair (Joe Pantoliano), one handcuffed to a rail in obviously very hurt (Jeremy Sisto) and one apparently simply passed out (Barry Pepper). While everybody else is still out cold, Jean Jacket wanders around and receives a phone call through which he fakes his way through. But it is obvious that something shifty is going on and Jean Jacket and everybody else have to figure out what it is and what side they’re on.

I started this movie under the impression that I hadn’t seen it before, but about five minutes in I realized that I had, actually. I couldn’t remember practically anything about it, though – it’s that kind of a movie.

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The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host
Director: Nick Tomnay
Writer: Nick Tomnay, Krishna Jones
Cast: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker

John (Clayne Crawford) just robbed a bank but things went pretty badly. Now he’s shot and the police know who he is and are on his trail. Desperately he tries to talk himself into somebody’s house to hide out there. When he comes to Warwick’s (David Hyde Pierce) house, he seems to find his in through a postcard. Warwick is in the middle of preparing a dinner party that John apparently busts. But John seems to have stumbled on the wrong party and the tables are quickly turned.

If you overlook that this film makes no sense whatsoever and seriously suffers from coincidences to make the story work at all, it is pretty entertaining, especially because David Hyde Pierce just seems to be having the time of his life with this role.


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