St. Agatha (2018)

St. Agatha
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Writer: Andy Demetrio, Shaun Fletcher, Sara Sometti Michaels, Clint Sears
Cast: Sabrina Kern, Carolyn Hennesy, Courtney Halverson, Seth Michaels, Trin Miller, Lindsay Seim, Shaun Fletcher
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 23.9.2018

It’s the 50s in Georgia and Agatha (Sabrina Kern) is pregnant but unmarried. There’s only one place she can go: the convent that has been taking in women like her for many, many years now. What seems like the perfect place to have her child in peace and then be able to return to her old life as if nothing has happened, quickly turns sour as Agatha starts to find out more about the convent and what happens inside its walls.

St. Agatha didn’t work for me at all. On the one hand, it handles a very sensitive topic very badly and on the other hand it doesn’t make much sense. Additionaly, it’s so full of clichés, it made the entire thing even more annoying.

The film poster showing two nuns with covered faces standing over a girl cowering on the floor.


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Cybernatural (2014)

Cybernatural aka Unfriended
Director: Levan Gabriadze
Writer: Nelson Greaves
Cast: Shelley Hennig, Heather Sossaman, Courtney Halverson, Moses Storm, Will Peltz, Renee Olstead, Jacob Wysocki
Seen on: 19.8.2015

It’s the anniversary of the suicide due to (cyber-)bullying of one of her schoolmates and friends, Laura (Heather Sossaman). Blaire (Shelley Hennig) spends the evening chatting, first with her boyfriend Mitch (Moses Storm), then they are joined by Jess (Renee Olstead), Ken (Jacob Wysocki) and Adam (Will Peltz). Part of their conversation on skype is also an anonymous account that none of them invited but that can’t be removed either. They suspect that it might be Val (Courtney Halverson) pranking them, but when they ask her, Val says she knows nothing about that. Panic starts to rise between the friends, especially when the anonymous account starts interacting with them and knows way more than they have any right to know.

Cybernatural takes place entirely on Blaire’s laptop screen [apart from a single shot that I won’t give away] and contrary to many found footage movies, they stick to that concept admirably. The rest of the film is pretty much your standard, if entertaining teen slasher, though.

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