Angels & Demons (Dan Brown)

Angels & Demons is the first Robert Langdon novel by Dan Brown.

At CERN, a scientist and priest is murdered and branded with a supposedly long lost Illuminati sign. Because of that sign, Robert Langdon, symbologist and Illuminati professor, is called to help out. The trail leads him to Vatican City, where the new pope should be elected that day. But the killer has not only kidnapped the four most likely candidates for the post, but has also installed a stolen antimatter bomb and threatens to blow up Vatican City and everybody in it.

This book is pulp. But even if you don’t expect more from it, it’s still rather boring. [I also read The Da Vinci Code and at least it got me hooked. Angels & Demons, not so much.] How anybody can take Robert Langdon serious is beyond me. Don’t ask me why I finished it.



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