Answering Questions Asked Through Google XXXIV

Today’s question is kinda serious… amazingly enough.

“what is the theme of big fish by daniel [Wallace]”?

In my review I said it was about

the creation of myths, of the truths in stories, of the dangers of interpretation and the meaning of lies.

Other themes are redemption and reconciliation, understanding another human being and what makes family. But mostly it’s about what makes the identity of a man or a woman – their accomplishments or their dreams?

In any case, it’s a novel that can handle and deserves a lot of thought – and as usual, interpretations are very personal. So I guess it would be best to see what you can gather from the novel, not what I can get from it.

Big Fish (Daniel Wallace)

Big Fish is the novel by Daniel Wallace Tim Burton based his wonderful movie on.

Edmund Bloom lived his life to the fullest and always told fantastic stories about it. His son William always saw him as the biggest liar. Now, Edmund is dying and William is trying to reconcile the father and the stories into one whole picture he can comprehend.

The book is a lot like the movie (or better, the movie is a lot like the book). The stories are wonderful by themselves, but in the context, they are even better. I really liked it.


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