Das Wiener Kettensägenmassaker [The Viennese Chainsaw Massacre] (1993)

Das Wiener Kettensägenmassaker
Director: Martin Nechvatal
Writer: Martin Nechvatal
Cast: Martin Nechvatal, Michael Ettmann, Josip Markovic, Stefan Schichor, Martin Tropper
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

A murderous fiend (Martin Nechvatal) is killing teenagers in a meadow close to a apartment complex in the bloodiest of ways.

Das Wiener Kettensägenmassaker is a short film and less a remake of than a tribute to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was obviously made without a budget but with love, which gives it its very own charm. But mostly it was made for the special effects – all of them homemade – and they are actually awesome. It is astounding what you can achieve with creative thinking, a chainsaw and buckets of blood.

Summarizing: an inspiring effort that I loved.