Emigranten [Emigrants]

Director: Agnieszka Salamon
Writer: Sławomir Mrożek
Cast: Denise Teipel, Cristina Maria Ablinger
Seen on: 27.3.2017

A (Denise Teipel) and X (Cristina Maria Ablinger) both migrated to the same place and now share a small room. But that’s about everything they have in common: A is an intellectual, a studied woman who had to leave her country of origin for political reasons. X is an uncouth worker, a farmer who left looking for work and a better life. Forced together by circumstances and not particularly fond of each other, A and X spend most of their time going toe to toe with each other. But you can’t go toe to toe without also growing close in a way.

Emigranten is an interesting play and it’s made even more interesting by the production that re-imagines it in a fresh way. It was an insightful and very enjoyable evening of theater.

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Director: Sandra Selimović
Writer: Marianne Strauhs
Cast: Cristina Ablinger, Simonida Selimović, Denise Teipel, Jörg Waltenberger
Seen on: 28.01.2015

Three women are detained in Austria, waiting for their deportation or a miracle that their request for asylum is granted after all. Anaïss (Denise Teipel) is shy and reluctant and seems barely able to have fought her way from Iran to Austria. Saida (Simonida Selimović) seems the complete opposite of her – mouthy and aggressive she swaggers through the cell and doesn’t want to disclose where she’s from. The two of them are joined by Milena (Cristina Ablinger), a Romni from Kosovo who arrives with a huge make-up bag. Despite their very different origins and reasons for leaving their own countries, and despite inital antagonism, the three of them start to grow closer.

Heroes is the rare case of a small production in a small theater where you actually discover something wonderful. It’s a smart play with a wonderful cast that has something to say and does – without sacrificing the entertainment for it.

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