Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then (2010)

Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then
Director: Brent Green
Writer: Brent Green, Michael McGinley, Donna Kozloskie
Cast: Michael McGinley, Donna Kozloskie
Part of: Anilogue

Leonard (Michael McGinley) and Mary (Donna Kozloskie) are a bit of an eccentric couple. Leonard works in a hardware store and is a passionate home improver – he basically built his house from scratch. Mary sells songbird eggs at the local market. But then Mary is diagnosed with cancer. And Leonard starts re-building the house in the belief that he can transform it into a healing machine for her.

The movie is an eccentric piece of filmmaking. It’s a stop-motion animated fictionalised true story that is already a little weird and is only made stranger by the way it’s told. It’s an ambitious project that fails in some regards, but in others it’s a win.

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