The Climb (2019)

The Climb
Director: Michael Angelo Covino
Writer: Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin
Cast: Michael Angelo Covino, Kyle Marvin, Gayle Rankin, Judith Godrèche, Talia Balsam, George Wendt, Daniella Covino, Eden Malyn
Seen on: 8.9.2020

Kyle (Kyle Marvin) is just about to get married. To get away from the wedding planning, he goes on a cycling tour with his best friend and best man Mike (Michael Angelo Covino). As they are cycling, Mike confesses to Kyle that he has been sleeping with Kyle’s fiancée Ava (Judith Godrèche). This causes a rift between them. But having been friends for such a long time means that they can’t get away from each other all that easily.

The Climb is a strange little film with a very nice sense of humor that traces a friendship in an unusual way. I liked it, though I was hoping for a little better treatment of the female characters.

Kyle (Kyle Marvin) and Mike (Michael Angelo Covino) cycling up a mountain, an old red car just behind them.
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DeadHeads (2011)

Director: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce
Writer: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce
Cast: Michael McKiddy, Ross Kidder, Markus Taylor, Thomas Galasso, Natalie Victoria, Eden Malyn
Part of: /slash Filmfestival

Mike (Michael McKiddy) wakes up in the middle of a zombie attack. Since he’s coherent and of normal intelligence, it takes him a bit to figure out that he’s a zombie himself. In fact, it’s only when he runs into Brent (Ross Kidder) who is in the same condition that he realizes it. While a normal zombie movie happens around them, with Jeremiah (Thomas Galasso) as the classic hero, Mike and Brent join forces to tell Mike’s former girlfriend Ellie (Natalie Victoria), whom Mike wanted to propose to before his death,  how he really feels about her.

Deadheads is at times a little silly, but it’s also very funny. Where Shaun of the Dead focused of the comedy in zombie movies, DeadHeads focuses on the romance* – and that works suprisingly well.

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