Coco (2017)

Director: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina
Writer: Adrian Molina, Matthew Aldrich
Cast: Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach, Renee Victor, Jaime Camil, Alfonso Arau, Herbert Siguenza, Edward James Olmos
Seen on: 9.12.2017

Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming a musician. But that career choice doesn’t go over well with his family who don’t like music. In fact, it’s banned in his family. But on Día de muertos when the borders between living and dead family blur, Miguel finds his chance to figure out where the music ban comes from in his family – and maybe get the blessing of a family member for his own career choices.

I heard a lot of good things about Coco before seeing it, so my expectations were quite high. But it turns out that I found Coco even better than I expected.

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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner 2049
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Writer: Hampton FancherMichael Green
Based on: Philip K. Dick‘s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Sequel to: Blade Runner
Cast: Ryan GoslingHarrison FordRobin WrightAna de Armas, Dave BautistaEdward James OlmosJared LetoHiam AbbassMackenzie Davis, Lennie JamesBarkhad Abdi
Seen on: 15.10.2017

K (Ryan Gosling) is a replicant who works as a blade runner – a section of the police tasked with hunting down rogue replicants and killing them. During one of those hunts, K finds evidence that there was a replicant who managed to reproduce sexually: she became pregnant and had a child which was believed to be impossible. K’s superior officer Joshi (Robin Wright) fears the repercussions if that fact became wide knowledge and tells K to find the child and kill it. This leads K to question his own past as well.

Blade Runner 2049 was so incredibly boring that I could barely stand it. Since it’s also racist and sexist, it probably would have been better if it hadn’t been made at all.

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Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner [Final Cut]
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer: Hampton Fancher, David Webb Peoples
Based on: Philip K. Dick‘s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Cast: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, M. Emmet Walsh, Daryl Hannah, William Sanderson, Brion James, Joe Turkel, Joanna Cassidy, James Hong
Seen on: 24.04.2015

Humanity has managed to create replicants: genetically engineered robots. But after an uprising of the replicants, they have been outlawed on earth and have been banned to the off-world colonies. But when four replicants manage to escape back to earth, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is called on in his capacity as blade runner – a special police force tasked with hunting down replicants – to take them down. Although Deckard didn’t want to take on any more jobs, he agrees to do this last job. He starts his investigation at the company who builds the replicants, where he discovers Rachael (Sean Young), a new version of replicant that doesn’t know that they aren’t human.

Blade Runner was one of those classic films that I never saw until now – and now I’m afraid that I’m too late. In any case I was not particularly taken with the film. In fact, I thought it was rather boring, if very pretty.


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The Green Hornet (2011)

The Green Hornet is Michel Gondry‘s newest film based on the characters created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. It stars Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos, James Franco and Edward Furlong.

After the death of his father, media mogul James Reid (Tom Wilkinson), party animal and general nuisance Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) takes over the family newspaper, albeit without any actual interest. But when he teams up with his father’s former assistant Kato (Jay Chou), a genius with all kinds of machines and martial arts, and they find that they could become superheroes, Britt uses the newspaper to his advantage – but with consequences he didn’t see coming. Mostly in form of the city’s villain Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz).

The Green Hornet has much to commend it. And then there is Seth Rogen.

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